All Multi-Factor Authentication is NOT Created Equal

In this webinar recording, get the latest on new MFA trends, including biometric, behavioral, and contextual authentication.

Multi-factor authentication doesn’t have to be difficult. Yet, many organizations struggle to find the right balance of coverage (for cloud, mobile, web and traditional applications) and reach for their traditional and non-traditional users. All while meeting a growing regimen of access-related regulations and compliance requirements. Overwhelmed yet?

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In this webinar recording from February 2018, Identity and Access Management (IAM) experts Jeff Carpenter from Crossmatch and Oxford Computer Group’s Principal Architect Mark Riley tackle the issues of the day head on. Specifically, they discuss:

  • How leading organizations in healthcare, financial services, and more are navigating the complex authentication regulatory and compliance landscape
  • New trends in authentication such as biometric, behavioral, and contextual: what should you be adding to my IAM strategy this year and what should you be preparing for in the future?
  • Finding the right authentication mix for your users: employees, privileged users, third-party; Learn about FIDO, hardware authentication requirements, and more

Jeff and Mark also cover where the Crossmatch DigitalPersona® authentication solution complements Microsoft Office 365, Azure, and EM+S in some common business use-cases.

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