Live instructor-led training on your desktop via Teams

We offer a regular schedule of live instructor-led courses which take place remotely via Teams.

Our regular scheduled courses typically take place in North American Eastern time, or in Central European time. And we sometimes schedule courses in other timezones. Private courses can take place in whatever timezone you choose.

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Join the class from wherever you are on the planet

At first, I was hesitant about doing the course remotely, but I would have no concerns now. I was in Pacific time zone, other students were in EST zone, the instructor was in the UK, and everything worked great!

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Video training - learn on demand

Our HR-driven provisioning for hybrid AD video implementation guide shows you how to build a hybrid solution for AD and Azure AD.

Step-by-step our video training courses will get your solution up and running for a typical scenario. You’ll learn how to build a system that automates the joiner/mover/leaver lifecycle.

It’s perfect for IT pros and IT admins from small- and medium-sized organizations who want to know how they can build a simple,  automated identity management system using Microsoft tools you almost certainly already have!

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Learn exactly what you need to know, when you need to know it, with our Azure AD Connect Video Training.

There’s a choice of seven courses containing 19 hours of highly practical training. Each short but comprehensive video shows you exactly what you need to do, and what to avoid. Videos are a mixture of presentation, demonstrations and revision quizzes, and each video is split into chapters so you can quickly find the answers you need.

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View it, then do it! Pause, rewind and replay as many times as you like!

Online self-paced courses

Study our MIM Foundation, MIM Advanced, or our Azure AD Connect Masterclass online at your own pace. They get rave reviews!

I had a really fun time taking this course! Even though the course content was more demanding, it still worked great to study online at my own pace. The course materials were really good. Good structure and great quality content!

Learn online in you own time, and with the support of an experienced tutor.

If you have questions simply email your tutor for help. We’ll response swiftly, and depending on the issue, we’ll reply by email or arrange a Skype session.

I studied online at my own pace and that worked out fine. I could schedule some learning in the weekends or evenings if I was too busy at work. The courses were clear, and there were a lot of things to learn by yourself in the labs. When I had few questions, the answers always came back very fast.

Course modules are split into lessons as MP4 presentations, and often include a lab demo for you to watch before you try it yourself. Choose which lesson or demo you want to view – pause, rewind and fast forward as often as you like!

What’s included?

  • Access to online lectures, quizzes and demos
  • Access to a virtual machine environment – for our MIM courses, you get 28 days with a VM to complete your online course. And for our Azure AD Connect Masterclass, up to 21 days. That’s plenty if you study for just a couple of hours a day, or set aside time at the weekends.
  • Perpetual access to a soft copy of the course manual
  • Dedicated support from an experienced tutor
  • Course certificate

The modules were logically built up making more and more sense. Doing the course online at my own pace worked perfectly for me.

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Private courses

Doing a private course allowed us to share our reasoning and our thoughts on architecture, innovation, procedures, policies, and best practices as they relate to our needs.

All our courses are available as private training courses. So, if a number of people in your organization need training, this could be the best option. Our instructor will be all yours, live via Teams, for the duration of your training.

what students say about PRIVATE Training

There are many benefits to training privately:

  • arrange the course on a date convenient to you and your team
  • flexible course content – we can’t completely re-write courses but we can tailor the content to focus on the elements most important to you
  • training with your colleagues means you can have discussions specific and relevant to you
  • huge cost savings – train more than five people and you immediately save on the costs of classroom training
  • training your IT professionals together is not only instilling them with new skills, it’s a marvellous team-building exercise
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We opted for the private on-site course because not only was it cheaper, it allowed us to take the time and ask environment specific questions about MIM and our unique installation. This was invaluable to our learning experience. Let’s just say we got more than our money’s worth!

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Keep on learning

If you attend a class via Teams, you get free access to all online demos, quizzes and lectures for one month from the first day of your course. This will help you to consolidate what you learn, and if you found a particular section tricky, you can go over it again.

Need even more? You can extend your VM time to continue accessing the environment, enabling you to re-do labs and explore the product more deeply.

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What will I learn on my MIM course?

If you already have ILM, FIM or MIM experience you may be wondering which Microsoft Identity Manager course is right for you. See this page to compare course content, or read this blog and watch our trainer Paul explain the differences between the courses.

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