Introducing Privileged Access Management – PAM webinar

Discover how PAM can keep safe those who have the keys to your kingdom

In a webinar, broadcast in January 2016, I described PAM.

Cyber attacks are a constant threat, and their target is privileged users such as system administrators. Theft of administrative credentials is catastrophic, both for the organization’s business and reputation, and for the IT infrastructure, which can be irreparably compromised. Active Directory, whether based on-premises on Windows Server, or in the cloud as Azure Active Directory, is at the core of many organizations’ infrastructure, and protecting the administrative accounts in Active Directory is an absolute priority. The new features for Privileged Access Management, available with Microsoft Identity Manager for on-premises systems and in Azure Active Directory for cloud identities, provide key new capabilities for the protection of administrative identities and their permissions.

In my webinar I introduced PAM’s main concepts, talked through its features, and discussed some of the things you’ll need to consider for deployment. View the recording of the webinar and you’ll discover how PAM will:

  • prevent attackers from gaining escalated permissions by accessing privileged accounts
  • control the process of creation and authorization of administrative credentials
  • allow monitoring of permissions to detect misuse
  • provide a platform for the delivery of trusted processes for the management of privileged accounts.

And while we’re talking PAM, don’t miss my PAM white paper, which you can download here.

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