“Essential” MIM Foundation training for those implementing Microsoft Identity Manager

This training is essential. – Rafal, Poland

Many organizations are installing MIM2016 for the first time as part of their cloud hybrid identity strategy, and that’s why our comprehensive MIM Foundation training is as popular as ever.

Globally, thousands of organizations now depend on the power of MIM. In 2019 we have seen more customers than ever start their MIM journey with our Foundation training. This reflects the rapid take-up of Microsoft cloud services, because MIM is vital for ensuring that Azure AD (now Microsoft Entra ID) has access to timely and accurate identity data from sources of truth held on-premises.

Kalle, Pete and Rafal, who recently attended our MIM Foundation course. told us:

Kalle, System Administrator, Estonia

I came from Estonia to Oxford to do this training because we are implementing MIM in our organization. We hired a partner to help us with our MIM project. He had been to Oxford to do this course, and he suggested I should come here too, to the source, to be explained in detail how MIM works.

This is my first touch with MIM and it will take time to get used to it. It’s a difficult system to understand how it really works.

I’m happy to be here in the classroom because I can ask the instructor my questions directly, “what do you think?”, “what do you suggest?”, “how you can implement this or that?”.

I expected the instructor to be an experienced guy, but Paul is very experienced! There is so much material to get through. He’s joking sometimes, and showing explanations very well. He’s an excellent lecturer.

I have learned so much here that I can carry into our MIM project. It’s a very worthwhile course.

Pete, Operations and Services Team Leader, UK

I decided to come onto the MIM Foundation course because we’re using MIM in some projects within the organization, and I run one of the backend support teams, so we need to be able to support the application. I’ve used Oxford Computer Group in previous roles for MIM consultancy, and they were very good. I heard good things about the training so I decided I should be taught by them as well.

Paul, the trainer, is very engaging, energetic, and keeps the momentum going. I now have a grounding, an understanding in some of the concepts which I didn’t fully understand before.

In the next few months we’re transitioning MIM into the business and we will need to monitor it, maintain it, and make sure it’s doing what it needs to do. And now I have more of an understanding of how the synchronisation rules work, what sort of exceptions are thrown and how to sort some of those errors, I’ll be able to more proactively keep things running and fix problems when they occur.

MIM is quite a complicated product if you try to pick up by yourself, so having someone lead you through it, step by step to give you a good grounding is, I would say, probably essential.

Rafal, Exchange/O365 Admin, Poland

We recently introduced MIM as a means of connecting quite a few systems that we have in our organization, and I need to have a certain knowledge to make sure the system operates the way it should. I have never been exposed to FIM or MIM so it’s quite a new thing for me, and I’m very happy to be here doing this course.

The decision to train with Oxford Computer Training was because previous staff members have done this and your Advanced course, and I’ve heard great things.

I am allergic to trainers that are boring, and I do not as quickly absorb new information when trainers are like this! Paul, the instructor is on the other side of spectrum! He is very enthusiastic, funny, and keeps you focused. Some of the subjects are heavy and you need a bit of stimulant outside of just the knowledge to keep you going, and Paul is the perfect person!

I was pretty much scared when I looked at implementation of MIM, I knew I was lacking knowledge. Now I’ve done this training, I can see so many possibilities, what we can do in the future to make this system complete and working better. My goal is to take the next level of training as well. [MIM Advanced]

If you have never had any contact with FIM or MIM, then this training is essential. You’re going to gain a lot of knowledge and speed being on a course like this.

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