Microsoft Entra ID (Azure AD), MIM and Azure AD Connect training, plus mentoring, help and support at discounted rates when you need it

We have an international reputation as the go-to company for training courses and tools focusing on Microsoft hybrid identity technologies that underpin security and governance. And, following requests from customers, we now offer mentoring and ad hoc support through TrainingPlus.

What is TrainingPlus?

Our flexible and cost-effective TrainingPlus packages enable organizations worldwide to benefit from MIM and Microsoft Entra ID (Azure AD) training plus ongoing ad hoc advice, help and mentoring at discounted rates.

Hear our popular instructor and consultant Paul Captainino talk about recent TrainingPlus projects.

TrainingPlus is a no brainer. Having identity experts on hand to discuss things with and help us devise practical, workable solutions to problems as they arise is so great. It saves us so much time and money knowing we’re doing the right thing the first time. I’d definitely recommend TrainingPlus to other organizations – Neil, Infrastructure Systems Administrator, UK university

  • Learn more about how TrainingPlus has helped Neil (pictured above) and his team.
  • Find out why TrainingPlus is particularly popular with education organizations

How TrainingPlus can help your organization

In addition to access to online, video and instructor-led training courses, our popular instructors (including Paul Captainino) and our expert team can provide the following help and support services:


  • Public, instructor-led, video and online self-paced training courses
  • Short bursts of mentoring or training on specific topics

Ad hoc support

  • Sanity checks (“I am about to press this button, is it going to break anything?” “Is this correct, should I do that first?”)
  • An extra pair of hands at busy times
  • Expertise to help you resolve errors and small problems with your solution

Note that this is not a 24×7 support service.

What is not included?

  • Private courses for groups are not part of TrainingPlus. There’s more information about private training here
  • Full consulting services & support. Oxford Computer Group UK, part of the Oxford Computer Group global family, offers a range of identity consulting to organizations in the UK and beyond

Why TrainingPlus?

Many customers who have completed our training courses go on to implement and support their own identity solutions (using Microsoft Entra ID and MIM – but nearly all of them hit a bump in the road at some point, or simply need some advice or mentoring with particular features or problems. For help with smaller issues, ad hoc guidance and mentoring staff, customers frequently come to us.

Our expert team, who ensure our courses and tools are always up to date with the latest developments in technology and best practice, are perfectly placed to help customers with all kinds of identity-related issues.

TrainingPlus offers identity expertise when you need it.

Want more?

Our sister companies in Oxford Computer Group offer a full range of consulting solutions and services. New to the Oxford Computer Group global family is Oxford Computer Group UK, which now offers a full range of identity consulting services to organizations in the UK, Ireland and Scandinavia and beyond!

How does a TrainingPlus annual package work?

TrainingPlus packages allow customers (businesses, organizations, or individuals) to pay in advance for training, mentoring and ad hoc support services in return for what is effectively a discount on our standard pricing.

You buy TrainingPlus vouchers which are valid for one year from purchase. We issue bonus vouchers based on the level of advance payment – see table. At the end of the year, unused vouchers can be rolled into a new package. If you choose not to buy a new TrainingPlus package, unused vouchers can be used at 50% of their original value during the following year.

You can choose to buy USD, GBP or Euro vouchers.

I’d definitely recommend TrainingPlus to other organizations. It’s an extremely flexible way of getting support and help. It’s so convenient.


TrainingPlus annual packageAdvance payment (in chosen currency)
Bonus vouchers we addVouchers available to spend

Any questions? Call us in UK & Europe on +44 (0)1865 521200, or in North America on +1 425-577-6542, email, or complete this short form.

TrainingPlus FAQs

Can we use TrainingPlus vouchers for training courses?

You can use vouchers for public, instructor-led training courses, online, self-paced courses, but not for private training courses for groups.

Can we buy more TrainingPlus vouchers within a 12-month period?

Absolutely! You can buy more TrainingPlus vouchers at any time on the same terms, and they will be valid for another year. Any unused vouchers from a previous package will have their validity extended to match.

What happens if we don’t use all our TrainingPlus vouchers before they expire?

At the end of the year, any unused vouchers can be rolled into a new package. If you choose not to buy a new TrainingPlus package, unused vouchers can be used at 50% of their original value during the following year.

What are the terms and conditions of TrainingPlus?

Read our TrainingPlus terms and conditions here.

In this short video, Paul Captainino, OCT consultant and instructor, explains why TrainingPlus is so beneficial to organizations.

TrainingPlus allows customers to call on Oxford Computer Training’s identity expertise in various ways and at short notice. It’s very flexible and cost effective.

Any questions?

Any questions about TrainingPlus? Call us in UK & Europe on+44 (0)1865 521200, or in North America on +1 425-577-6542, email, or use this form: