Maintain and support your MIM installation yourself

If your organization has a team of IT pros who need to maintain and support MIM, you may be asking:

  • We want to use industry best practice and maintain our environment confidently. We have yet to configure any Management Agents to integrate any of our systems, HR, AD, etc. Where do we start?
  • How do we skill-up our IT team so they can confidently hit the ground running, and create MAs to connect our HR system for user onboarding to Active Directory, leavers etc? We can’t keep buying in the services of identity consultants to support our environment.
  • We know some of the basic concepts, so at what level should we begin training our team? Is the MIM Foundation training sufficiently detailed for us to do much of what we need to configure initially? Or can we dive straight into the MIM Advanced course?

The answers lie in comprehensive, structured, and thorough training – expertly taught by identity practitioners with real-world experience.

The modules on our MIM Foundation course lead logically through an initial build. This knowledge expands to include rollout and integration with other parts of your systems that are governed for security, identity and compliance with full audit. Our instructors are brilliant at explaining this so you will get all the basics right.

The depth and breadth of our MIM Foundation course should not be underestimated!

We nearly always advise that you begin with MIM Foundation and follow up with MIM Advanced training. Structured training – learning things in the right order – will equip your IT pros systematically and logically.  Even IT pros with years of MIM experience learn new things on our MIM Foundation course! Lyle R, a Service Engineer from the US said:

I’ve been working with Microsoft Identity Manager for about 10 years, and on the first day I wasn’t sure what I’d pick up – but it’s been an eye-opening experience!  This course is going to be a big help in my work. Now I know what’s happening underneath the covers.

Your IT pros will gain the real-world skills to go on to setup, install, configure, maintain and support MIM to provide the integration you need with HR and other ‘sources of truth’ to enable an efficient user lifecycle – onboarding, leavers, movers, and so on.

What about the MIM Expert course?

With the knowledge gained from the MIM Foundation and Advanced courses, sometimes organizations identify one or two team members with a particular aptitude or enthusiasm who they train to MIM Expert level. But that is not the norm. Relatively few students do all three courses – although some certainly do!

The MIM Expert course is more developer focused, and suits practitioners that want to be able to make MIM do anything. It also suits those who need to add a lot of code – for example, for:

  • complex provisioning requirements
  • workflows to manage events beyond straightforward synchronization of objects and their attributes, and/or
  • the development of new connectors not available out-of-the-box or from third parties.

In summary

Taking both the MIM Foundation and the MIM Advanced courses will enable your IT staff to maintain and suppport MIM. Having learned the skills for initial setup, installation and configuration, they will confidently be able to integrate HR, AD, and other systems to handle the identity lifecycle for users and groups.

Will we need professional identity consultants in the future?

Many of our students – from IT teams on 6 continents – have gone on to handle their own implementations without further help.

That said, having understood how MIM can be applied, some feel that it is better to bring in professional help, either because of particularly complex or unusual needs, or to get them ‘over the hump’ because they can’t afford a big concentration of their time on an implementation (but they can then go on to support and extend their implementation, as necessary).

How do we get this training?

Taking instructor-led courses, live in the classroom, or via Skype, allows for discussion as queries arise. We have courses scheduled throughout the year.

If you have a number of IT pros that could train together, a private training engagement may be the best option. It’s cost-effective, and our instructor will be all yours! Learning privately means you can talk freely and in detail about your specific MIM installation. Our instructors are very experienced identity consultants, so we think you’ll get more than your money’s worth!

Adam B, a Principal Systems Administrator in the US  told us:

The course was very instructive and filled in knowledge gaps I had. Paul was an excellent instructor. A private course was beneficial because we were able to have discussions specific to our implementation and how that tied back to the training materials.

Some organizations cannot have a number of staff out training simultaneously. Our online, self-paced courses give your IT staff maximum flexibility and cover precisely the same content as the classroom courses. David A, a Programmer Analyst from the US, loved this:

The ability to take the course a few hours a day made it easy to complete the course while still performing other duties.

Read more customer feedback. 

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After a private MIM Foundation course, a large university in the US said:

“If you’re considering MIM, don’t proceed without Oxford Computer Training’s world-class training. Without it, our complex identity management project could not have succeeded.”