Online, self-paced MIM training courses: “simply awesome” says Evan

“It’s been by far one of the greatest training courses I have ever experienced” Evan told us on his feedback form.

Evan, a Systems Engineer from Kansas, USA, took our MIM Foundation training online, completing it in superfast time. He said it was “awesome” and, shortly afterwards, he took our MIM Advanced course.

Evan completed his MIM Foundation self-paced, online training in just 3 days! He says:

Recommended by co-worker

We use MIM heavily in our environment to automate all of our account provisioning and business logic, but we didn’t have anyone operating it and were instead relying on an outside contractor. I was seeking self-study resources for MIM, but they are few and far between. Eventually, I decided to seek out formal training, and a former co-worker recommended Oxford Computer Training’s courses.

Superfast study

Actually, I did not intend to complete the training as quickly as I did. But the delivery and organization of the material was so smooth that, when coupled with my strong interest in MIM and desire to learn it, I found it very hard to stop once I started. The experience of learning online, self-paced was fantastic. The pacing was just right and the labs were very accessible.

It’s been by far one of the greatest training courses I have ever experienced. With a topic as deep and as wide as MIM, this course covers everything you need to know to get started with the product. At first, MIM is quite difficult to grasp due to a lack of clarity in most of the public documentation. But this course absolutely, 100%, solves that problem, and then some. Everything is organized in a clear and concise manner in the videos, and the labs are structured in such a way that they parallel real-world implementations and business needs specifically.

Immediate benefits

I will be able to use what I have learned immediately. I understand a lot of our existing MIM infrastructure a lot better now, and that will help me to build our identity solutions. I’d started out barely knowing how to navigate the portal. Now, I’m much more confident in knowing where to go and what to do.

More “fantastic” training!

The online MIM Foundation training was awesome. Simply awesome.

After a few months spent putting the skills he learned into practice in real-world scenarios, Evan took our MIM Advanced online, self-paced course. He told us:

As always, a fantastic course. It had way more content to consume, and pretty much answered all outstanding questions. I’ll definitely need to go through it a second or third time. It was great, and I had plenty of time to dig into the content with no distractions.

I can’t recommend MIM courses or OCT’s training more!




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