Why it’s worth paying for Azure AD training

Azure is a complex and powerful technology that changes almost daily. Free resources are available on the web – including webinars, videos and how-to articles. But where do you start? Which can you trust? How do you know whether what you’re reading and watching is accurate and up to date? How do you get a complete educational experience?

Oxford Computer Group is a leading Microsoft partner with an unrivalled track record for delivering high quality identity and security solutions and training courses.

We offer independent, joined-up, regularly updated and scenario-based training, supported by a live instructor who can address your particular needs and concern. And, as with all our courses, we get rave reviews.

Here’s why

Always up to date

Changes to Azure are announced regularly. Sometimes they are quite profound – meaning that a technique can become obsolete, or a best practice is no longer a best practice. Sometimes they are only cosmetic – but even this can be very off-putting when you are trying to follow lab instructions. Time and again we find articles that purport to tell you how to do something, but when you try it out you find it doesn’t work like that any more. We continually check our lab steps against the currently available interface, and document new features. And, going forward, we will inform our students about any significant changes – if necessary providing new labs – on an ongoing basis.

As a market leader in Microsoft identity and access management solutions, it’s our business to always be in the know about changes to technology and best practice – and this is reflected in our training.

Get the full picture

OCG courses paint the complete picture. Lab exercises follow on from each other and dovetail together. Bite-sized sessions have their place, but they miss the opportunity to explore and discuss scenarios, and to see how features combine to form solutions.

Lots of hands-on labs, develop your own sandbox

Many free training courses are really no more than slide-ware so a key benefit of our courses is that they offer really great labs, that work – using the real, live, current Microsoft environment.  On our Azure AD foundation training course you’ll build up a learning environment which is a real environment, not just a mock-up. How many courses do you know that leave you with a real Active Directory, syncing up with a real Azure AD, with DNS, real routable email, MFA working in the cloud and on-premises?

Expert tutor

Not only is this important for you to be able to ask questions, and discuss your particular issues – it is important for the learning experience generally. It makes a lot of difference having a tutor and a class, to keep things moving along.

Which Azure course will you take?