91% of online students in 2019 would recommend their training

In 2019, 91% of students who have taken our online, self-paced Azure AD Connect Masterclass, MIM Foundation or MIM Advanced courses said they would recommend their training to colleagues.

Here are some comments from recent student feedback forms:

MIM Foundation online, self-paced course

This is one of the best courses, if not the best, I’ve ever taken. I recommend this course very highly. Craig, Lead Engineer, Scotland Read Craig’s story

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Evan N completed his online training in one weekend!

Awesome. Simply awesome. I cannot wait to take the MIM Advanced course. I could not recommend this course or OCT’s training more. Evan, Systems Engineer, US Read Evan’s story

I enjoyed the online course. It had a lot of useful information that you won’t find anywhere else. The modules were great and I’m glad I can always look back and refresh my memory. The labs are the most important by far as they help solidify the information from the modules. Ripleigh, Associate Consultant, Australia

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MIM Advanced online, self-paced course

I love the self-paced course, since my work schedule only allowed me to do this course in my own time. I also appreciated the responsiveness and expertise of my personal tutor, Hugh. Firensia, Web Architect, US

This was a well-rounded intermediate course…and the video lectures offer great insight.

I very much appreciated that the course is offered online, since I could complete it on my own time. The pace of the videos is appropriate to the material, and naturally you can re-read or re-watch any sections which required clarification. Fred, Technical Project Manager, US

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Azure AD Connect Masterclass  online, self-paced course

Amazing contents! It gave me a lot of undocumented knowledge, and that’s so useful for me. Suguri, VP, Japan

The materials were extremely well chosen and put together.  Doing the course online was perfect as I had extra time to spend on specific topics of interest and repeat hard-to-understand modules. Alex, Senior IT Analyst, Canada

An awesome online course! There is so much more to Azure AD Connect that meets the eye or is covered in Microsoft documentation…and this course offered something new and unexpected at every turn.

The Masterclass helped me to understand and avert the inevitable common pitfalls, and so will enable me – as a consultant – to ensure effective, efficient and secure implementations for the organizations I work with. Chris, Consultant, Australia

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What you get when you take online training

Studying our Azure AD Connect Masterclass, MIM Foundation or MIM Advanced courses online is so convenient and cost effective.

You can learn at your own pace, from wherever you are. You will save time by not having to travel, and you’ll save money on travel, accommodation and subsistence. You get fast and high quality support from an experienced tutor by email or Skype. You will learn from the same course materials you would if you were in class, plus access to a virtual machine. And our students love the fact that they can pause, rewind and fast forward lectures, lab demonstrations and quizzes as often as they like.

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