“I have learned so much from Oxford Computer Training.” Identity experts explain why they keep coming back for more.

Two of our most enthusiastic students explain why they keep coming back for more expert training.

Faton on the left, and Juan-Carlos on the right.

Faton, Systems Engineer, has taken many courses with us over the years: including our MIM Expert and MIM Advanced courses, and the Identity Masterclass with John Craddock. And he has rated them all as 5-star.

I started understanding identity professionally with Oxford Computer Training’s help. Deep knowledge in this area is very important for me, my job and, most of all, our customers.

My first identity training with Oxford Computer Training was in about 2006 with MIIS. I was starting from scratch – I was an absolute ‘newbie’ to the technology and to identity in general – and my company has supported my training and development throughout.

Why do I come back to Oxford Computer Training for my technical training? Well, that’s easy: British humour, and I know all the trainers now! And of course there’s the quality of the training. I’ve never been disappointed – I know what I’m going to get when Oxford Computer Training runs a course.

Over the years, the training has helped me in my job in many ways. Having a deep understanding of identity and the identity lifecycle, and about different solution possibilities and tooling, means that I am better able to decide and implement the right solution for our customers. Sometimes it needs to be MIM, sometimes it needs a customized development. This is the best knowledge for me and the team, and enables us to understand the customer, and to do the best consulting and technical implementation for them.

I have taken 3 Oxford Computer Training courses in the last year. Paul Captainino has been the instructor for the MIM Advanced and MIM Expert courses. He is an amazing teacher and person. He understands the world of identity so clearly, and is able to explain it to students very easily. I once asked Paul if he’d like to work in my team!

I also attended the Identity Masterclass with John Craddock last year. It was amazing and is a must for every person working with AD, ADFS, Azure and considering all SAML stuff.

All in all, I have learned so much from Oxford Computer Training.

Juan-Carlos, ICT Senior System Engineer, also rates each of the courses he’s taken with us as 5-star.

I began my MIM training with Oxford Computer Training in 2018 with the MIM Advanced course. Up until then I had only basic knowledge – MIIS fundamentals level.

Why do I keep coming back to Oxford Computer Training? Because Oxford Computer Training are the best in MIM training! I’m very satisfied with the high level of your training and your teachers, and I have been able to use my new knowledge to help our clients and build the best solutions for them.

The MIM Expert course was very useful and interesting – exactly what I was expecting. And the instructor Paul was, as usual, amazing. He is a very great teacher and very competent. I recommend him.

The MIM Advanced course (which my company booked as a private course last November) was a very great course too, and it was very useful to learn privately with colleagues as we could speak deeper about some specific cases.

I also attended Identity Masterclass with John Craddock and, once again, both the course and instructor were excellent.

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