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We offer three, highly-rated online, self-paced courses.

MIM Foundation MIM Advanced Azure AD Connect Masterclass

By far one of the greatest training courses I have ever experienced. With a topic as deep and as wide as MIM, this course covers everything you need to know. The experience of learning online, self-paced was fantastic. Awesome. Simply awesome. I could not recommend this course or OCT’s training more. Read more of what this student has to say.

What’s included in online, self-paced training?

  • Access to online lectures, demos, and quizzes
  • Access to a virtual machine environment – for MIM courses, you get 28 days with your VM to complete your online course, and the Azure AD Connect Masterclass, up to 21 days. That’s plenty if you study for a few hours a day, or set aside time at the weekends.
  • Perpetual access to a soft copy of the course manual
  • Dedicated tutor support by email. We respond fast!
  • Course certificate

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Evan N says his training was 'awesome'.
Evan says his online training was ‘awesome’. Read Evan’s story

So many benefits to learning online!

  • Save time by not having to travel to a training venue.
  • Save money on travel, accommodation and subsistence.
  • Get access to exactly the same excellent materials you would if you attended a classroom course.
  • Pause, rewind and fast forward lectures, lab demos and quizzes as often as you like.

The modules were logically built up making more and more sense. Doing the course online at my own pace worked perfectly for me.

Ask us about online self-paced training

How it works

After you have booked and paid for your online training course, we give you a login to access our online training resources. You tell us when you’d like to start your VMs, as these are time limited. You get 28 days for MIM courses and 21 days for the AAD Connect Masterclass. You may start your VMs any time within a year of booking. Our course support team will guide you through the set-up process.

What it’s like to study online

Course modules are split into lessons as MP4 presentations, and often include a lab demo for you to watch before you try it yourself. Choose which lesson do, or which demo you want to view. Pause, rewind and fast forward as often as you like!

Brilliant from beginning to end. The videos were highly informative, I genuinely enjoyed learning from the tutor in these videos. The delivery, information and explanations provided throughout were excellent.

The high standard of tuition in the videos made the experience very enjoyable. Normally I would prefer to be taught in a classroom but on this occasion self-paced really worked. I was able to take more time and revisit areas I didn’t fully grasp first time around. The labs and VMs were also excellent, it was great being able to do the labs at my own pace.

Mark Forbes Oxford Computer Training's Sales Manager
Mark Forbes

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READ What students say about online learning

Studying online in my own time gave me a chance to replay and review any parts of the course I didn’t quite understand first time, which was useful. I had more time to process the content in comparison to a classroom-based course, in which you’re limited.