Private identity training for IT teams worldwide in MIM, Microsoft Entra ID, Microsoft Entra Connect & PAM

Did you know that we can run any of our MIM, Microsoft Entra ID (formerly Azure AD), Microsoft Entra Connect (formerly Azure AD Connect) and PAM training courses privately for your IT team wherever you are in the world?

We get consistently excellent feedback from IT teams worldwide about our private identity training. Our expert instructors can teach your staff live via Teams, or in person at a location of your choice. Hybrid courses are also possible.

What are the benefits?

  • Open and in-depth discussions: Your IT team can discuss issues and details specific to your organization’s infrastructure and environment with our expert instructor.
  • Tailored to your needs: We can focus on areas of a course or courses that are most relevant to your organization.
  • Team building: Learning together is great for team building, especially if your IT staff are geographically dispersed.
  • Cost savings: If you have five or more team members to train, the cost per student is less than for a public course.
  • Convenience and flexibility: We can run private courses on dates that suit you. We can also train your team remotely via Teams, at your offices, or a mix of the two – whatever works best for you!

From education to healthcare, we run private courses for a broad range of organizations worldwide

Our private course customers include universities, healthcare organizations, government agencies, police authorities, as well as companies in manufacturing, consulting, distribution, banking, finance, and technology. And we train IT teams in all parts of the world – from Argentina to Australia!

IT professional Eric in Argentina, who attended a private Azure AD Identity and Security (now called Microsoft Entra ID) training course, said:

Private training was excellent as it helped the team to share knowledge and increase our co-operativeness.

Doug, a Senior Cloud Security Architect in the US who attended a private Azure AD Identity and Security (now called Microsoft Entra ID) training course, said:

I enjoyed the interactions and instructions from the instructor, Paul. He provided thorough explanations. As this was a private course, it was great to be able to discuss with my colleagues how the material applies to our current production and test environments.

Ryan, an IT professional in the Netherlands who attended a private MIM Expert course, said:

Excellent training. As it was a private course, we could focus on topics relevant to my organization.

Miroslav, a Wintel Delivery Lead in Bulgaria who attended a private MIM Foundation course, said:

The course was very well structured and presented. The instructor, Paul, maintained our willingness to learn throughout the entire course. And we always felt excited what was next to come. By learning as a team, we were able to communicate and discuss things freely with teammates and the instructor. Thank you Paul for the great course, and hope to see you again on the MIM Advanced training.

Lincoln, an IT Professional in Australia who attended a private MIM Expert course, said:

Wonderful course and instructor. The collaboration and white boarding with the team were great!

Private training is also great for multi-national organizations with IT teams in different countries

Private training via Teams works particularly well for multi-national organizations with IT teams in different countries as learning together is great for team-building.  For example, we recently ran our MIM Foundation course for a worldwide corporation with staff based in the UK, the US, and Israel.

Schlomo, a Senior System Administrator from Israel, said:

The instructor was very professional. I found it very helpful for my work. Learning remotely was a very good experience. Since we are working in the same company there were common questions but they all were regarding our environment from different views (SAP, Helpdesk, operations).

Over 97% of students who attend our private courses say they would recommend them, and we have many repeat customers

Maurice, a Systems Admin from Ireland who attended a private MIM Advanced training course, said:

Paul was a great teacher, was full of knowledge, very engaging and helpful. This is the second course I have attended that Paul has been the instructor, and both were top notch.
The course was delivered perfectly using Teams.

Louis, a Senior Consultant from the UK, who attended a private Azure AD Connect Masterclass (now Microsoft Entra Connect), said:

As always, Paul [the instructor] was excellent in both knowledge and delivery. Learning via Teams was very convenient.



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