Our comprehensive video courses and guides demonstrate step-by-step what you need to do

Our Azure AD Connect video training series provides you with the knowledge you need to install, modify and upgrade your Azure AD Connect environment, and to troubleshoot problems. Go beyond the wizard and unlock the potential of this powerful technology.

Perfect for IT pros from small- and medium-sized organizations, our HR-driven provisioning for hybrid AD video implementation guide shows you how to build a hybrid solution for AD and Azure AD that automates the joiner/mover/leaver lifecycle, using Microsoft tools you probably already have.

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Excellent video courses that dive deep, covering all aspects of the technical make up of Azure AD Connect.

Mark, Microsoft Consultant, UK

Azure AD Connect video training

Our Azure AD Connect video training courses enable you to get the answers you need precisely when you need them.

Are you performing a custom Azure AD Connect installation? Are you making changes to the synchronization rules, or configuring high availability? Are you trying to rollover your Kerberos Decryption Keys, or change the method of authentication?

If so, our Azure AD Connect video training series contains short but comprehensive videos that illustrate exactly what you need to do, and what to avoid.

Videos are a mixture of presentation, demonstrations and revision quizzes, and each video is split into chapters so you can quickly find the answers you need.

There are seven video training courses in the series: Foundations | Synchronization concepts | Comparison with MIM (free with all subscriptions) | Custom scenarios | Synchronization rules | Authentication | Additional (but essential) topics.

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HR-driven provisioning made easy – a video implementation guide

Learn how to build a hybrid solution for your AD and Azure AD with our HR-driven provisioning for hybrid AD video implementation guide.

Great news! An automated identity management system for hybrid AD doesn’t have to be complex or costly to implement.

Step-by-step our video training courses will get your solution up and running for a typical scenario. You’ll learn how to build a system that automates the joiner/mover/leaver lifecycle. There’s no better end-to-end explanation and demonstration anywhere!

A 12-month subscription to the videos costs just £349 / $499 / €429. It offers:

  • 8½ hours of course content in 17 videos
  • Step-by-step “how to” instructions, explanations and demonstrations
  • Working code examples (in Visual Basic and C#)
  • 24/7 access for up to 3 users within an organization
  • At our discretion, one-to-one advice and assistance with your particular scenario

In this recording of a webinar, our Founder, Hugh Simpson-Wells, demonstrates how our video implementation guide can help:

It’s perfect for IT pros and IT admins from small- and medium-sized organizations who want to know how they can build a simple, cheap automated identity management system using Microsoft tools.