Identity Panel Suite Training

Identity Panel Suite Training

Learn SoftwareIDM’s Identity Panel Suite

SoftwareIDM’s Identity Panel Suite courses are live, instructor-led training events held in various US and UK locations.

This free training is suitable for anyone considering purchasing SoftwareIDM’s Identity Panel Suite.

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I wish I’d known about Identity Panel years ago!

The Identity Panel Suite from SoftwareIDM consists of four applications, sitting on the Identity Panel framework:

HyperSync Panel is a fully customizable synchronization engine to propagate identity information across systems – additionally, it can augment or replace the Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM) synchronization service. Watch this webinar recording which describes and demonstrates the capabilities of HyperSync Panel, rapidly and succinctly.

Service Panel is a customizable portal for fulfilling self-service identity management requests and approvals (it can also be thought of as equivalent to the MIM Portal).

Access Panel is a governance application providing features such as RBAC, ABAC, access reviews, and access management (and it can also be thought of as a replacement for MIM BHOLD).

Test Panel provides automated testing for identity lifecycle and provisioning systems (for example MIM).

Identity Panel itself provides common services to support the above applications – services like connectivity, scheduling, visualization, workflows, reporting, health checks, diagnostics, and much more. It maintains a history of changes to the data and configuration, taking a great deal of pain out of compliance and audit, allowing you to see who had access to what on a given day, unused or orphaned accounts, etc.

Who is it for?

This training is suitable for anyone considering purchasing SoftwareIDM’s Identity Panel Suite.

Courses available

There are numerous courses available from beginner to advanced, and across the Identity Panel Suite applications. A good starting point is A801: Using the Identity Panel Suite. In this one-day training, we teach the fundamentals of Identity Panel. It is perfect for anyone who wants to know more about the Identity Panel Suite of applications. We typically run this course at the start of a week of more specialized training. For a full list of courses see here.

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