HR-driven provisioning for hybrid AD made easy: new video implementation guide

Learn how to implement a cost-effective, HR-driven Joiner/Mover/Leaver identity management solution for hybrid AD with our new video implementation guide.

Are you struggling to provision users in a timely fashion? Do you lack control of your group memberships and licenses? Are you worried that users never tell you when they have access to something that they no longer need?

An HR-driven identity management system for hybrid AD solves these problems, and the good news is that it doesn’t have to be costly or complex to implement. You can connect your HR accounts to AD and Azure AD, and control provisioning, using Microsoft tools that are either free of charge or included in your Azure AD licenses. And our new HR-driven provisioning for Hybrid AD video implementation guide shows you exactly what you need to do! See my 2-minute explainer video.

View it, then do it!

Drawing on the knowledge and experience gained through hundreds of implementations, and designed for small- to medium-sized organizations, our highly practical video guide reveals step-by-step end-to-end how you can build an HR-driven system using MIM and Azure AD Connect.

I explain more in this 2-minute video:

Learn how to build an HR-driven provisioning solution for your AD & Azure AD

connect HR system to AD and Azure ADOur HR-driven provisioning for Hybrid AD video implementation guide covers a common scenario in which there is a single source of truth. This might be an HR system, or other student enrolment system, a single Active Directory Forest, or a single Azure AD Tenant.

If you have a more complex scenario, the videos are still relevant, and we can help you extend the implementation to meet your particular needs – either through a free one-to-one consultation (in simple cases), or as part of a TrainingPlus package.

What’s included in our video implementation guide?

A 12-month subscription (which costs just £349 / $499 / €429) enables up to 3 users within an organization to access:

  • 8½ hours of course content in 17 videos
  • Step-by-step “how to” instructions, explanations and demonstrations
  • Working code examples (in Visual Basic and C#)
  • Access for up to 3 users within an organization

We can also offer one-to-one advice and assistance with your particular scenario if required.


How will an HR-driven identity management system benefit your organization?

An HR-driven identity management system for hybrid AD has many benefits:

  • AD and Azure AD identity information becomes consistent with your source of truth (for example your HR system):
    • Authentication and authorization decisions are based on reliable data
    • Users provisioned, enabled/disabled, deprovisioned automatically
    • Licensing and security decisions based on accurate group memberships
  • More administrative control with less effort:
    • Reduced duplication of identity data entry
    • Effective enforcement of rules and policies in AD and Azure AD
    • Automated handling of the Joiner/Mover/Leaver process
    • Fewer orphaned accounts and rogue permissions
  • Improved Office 365 user experience:
    • Same sign-on (same UPN and password) or true single sign-on
    • Seamless access from different devices within the corporate network or in the cloud

In this, the first of 17 videos, I explain more about how our video implementation guide works:


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