Modern and legacy authentication in hybrid environments – are you using the right protocols, and are they secure?

Authorization and authentication protocols – webinar recording

In the cloud-hybrid world, organizations typically use many systems, with many different authentication protocols – and not all protocols are equally secure and easy to manage.

We are all aware that hackers are out there, and that the authorization and authentication protocols we choose are our main line of defence in a highly connected environment. And, with new protocols constantly emerging, it is a continual arms race.

From the conversations we have with our customers, we know that technical decision-makers are regularly confronted with policy and operational questions about authentication protocols that they find difficult to answer. For example:

  • Are we using the best protocols across our cloud and on-premise systems?
  • Which so-called “legacy protocols” are old and reliable, and which are old and insecure?
  • How do we know if/when we should change them?
  • How should we approach their replacement?
James Cowling, OCT's CTO
James Cowling

In this webinar recording from March 2019, James Cowling, CTO of Oxford Computer Group Worldwide, presents an overview of these topics to help decision-makers gain a clear understanding of what they need to know to develop policies or to specify approaches to authentication in different cloud and on-premise systems.

This webinar recording is suitable for technical architects, decision makers (both architectural and development), and anyone with responsibility for security analysis and policymaking.

About James Cowling, CTO of Oxford Computer Group Worldwide

James is a co-founder of Oxford Computer Group and co-wrote the training courses for MIIS, ILM, FIM, and MIM. He has been the primary architect of many complex customer solutions involving the integration of these and other products. In 2018, he co-wrote our Azure AD Connect Masterclass (now Microsoft Entra Connect Masterclass) and has since taught it in the UK and Germany. He lives in Germany with his wife, three sons, and an office full of hardware that he can’t bring himself to part with.