IT pros from five countries attend our MIM Foundation course in Oxford, UK

“I would definitely recommend this training, there’s no question.” 

IT pros from all over the world attend our industry-leading MIM courses. Many join our instructor-led classes by Teams/Skype, but many also travel long distances to get to our UK and US classrooms – and our February 2020 MIM Foundation training course in Oxford, UK, was no exception. As is almost always the case, 100% of students rated both the course and the instructor as “excellent”.

IT pros from Sweden, The Netherlands and the UK joined the live, instructor-led MIM Foundation course in Oxford “remotely” via Teams. Others, including a customer from Norway, chose to attend the course in person, as did Ted from South Africa and Alex from the Netherlands. Hear what they said about the course in this short video, or read a summary below.

Ted, Subject Matter Expert in IDM, South Africa

Looking around, Oxford Computer Training is pretty much the only place that offers this course. Speaking to people who have had some experience in MIM, they all pointed me this way as well.

We have an implementation of MIM which we look after, but we have very little knowledge. We sort of click here and click there and hope we’re doing the right thing.

Paul is a great lecturer, he delivers his lectures well, he knows his subject. You get that feeling that there’s nothing he can’t answer. He’s been around the block with this particular product. You don’t get that feeling like he’s just reading out of a book. Very good, very impressed.

As I said we’ve been clicking around a little bit, trying to get to grips with the product on our own and now I’ve really picked up a lot of extra bits and pieces I can use.

I think we can definitely start expanding on our current implementation. Now we can go the next step.

I would definitely recommend this training, there’s no question.

Alex, Senior System Engineer, the Netherlands

We are planning to implement MIM, and I wanted to know more about how MIM can help us. I chose OCT because when I was Googling, they were the only ones giving this course.

Paul is a very good trainer. He knows a lot about the material, and if you ask him a question about how you want to implement it in your environment, he can give a good answer, what you should and what you shouldn’t do. He’s a great speaker. I had a good laugh and lots of fun in the world of MIM.

When I come back to the office we are going to start implementing MIM, and in this Foundation course you get more about the configuration the MAs and the rules you want to apply.

If someone asks me about taking this course, I would recommend it to them.

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