Identity expertise on tap: get ad hoc mentoring and support with TrainingPlus

IT teams have to cope with numerous challenges, so let us help. TrainingPlus is a flexible and cost-effective way to tap into our identity expertise as and when you need it.

We have trained thousands of IT professionals around the world on Microsoft hybrid identity technologies such as MIM, Microsoft Entra ID, and Microsoft Entra Connect. These technologies underpin cloud security and governance so understanding them and optimizing their implementation has never been more important.

IT professionals who attend our identity training typically go on to roll out their own systems. Others ask other Oxford Computer Group companies to do formal implementations for them. But a significant number of customers need occasional support. Having discovered our training, they ask us for ongoing help and advice  – everything from mentoring staff to providing an extra pair of hands, and from resolving minor issues to sanity checking plans.

TrainingPlus was designed to help you with your ad hoc challenges. It’s a choice of cost-effective annual packages that enable you to call on us at short notice when you need training, advice, or help. With staff resources and budgets under strain, we have found that more and more organizations are looking for exactly this kind of ad hoc support.

Identity expertise on tap

Our expert team of trainers, subject-matter specialists, practitioners, consultants, and developers work together to develop and maintain our highly-rated portfolio of MIM and Microsoft Entra training courses and tools. We are perfectly placed to provide customers with ongoing identity mentoring and support as and when you need it. It’s identity expertise on tap.

Paul Captainino, instructor
Paul Captainino, identity expert and instructor

Hear why trainer and identity expert Paul Captainino likes TrainingPlus in this short video.

TrainingPlus projects

We’re seeing particular interest in TrainingPlus from colleges and universities. They have very capable and well-trained staff but – with a high turnover of users and multiple sources of truth for staff, students and alumni – they face especially complex challenges.

For example, we recently ran a workshop for a university’s IT team. They were unsure of whether to enable in-cloud or on-premises the features that they required. A couple of hours of demonstration and discussion of the methods and options provided (and, more importantly, not provided) by each of the available components, followed by our workshop report, helped them focus their efforts appropriately.

Having identity experts on hand to discuss things with and help us devise practical, workable solutions to problems as they arise is so great. It saves us so much time and money knowing we’re doing the right thing the first time.


Another customer required a solution to a long-term problem that they didn’t have time to work through. They turned to us to offer best practice advice and help to implement an environment where they could develop and test solutions. While discussing and solving the original problem, several other small suggested changes to their existing solution came to light. Rather than having to scope a full consultancy, TrainingPlus enabled them to take advantage of a couple of days of mentoring here and there to identify and make these changes.

How does TrainingPlus work?

In return for an upfront payment for TrainingPlus vouchers, we offer training and ad-hoc support at what is effectively a discount on our standard rates. There are four pricing tiers – and the more you put in, the better the deal!  At the end of the year, unused vouchers can be rolled into a new package.


Any questions? Contact us!

My colleague Mark Forbes will be delighted to answer any questions you may have about TrainingPlus. You can contact him on +44 (0)1865 521200 or +1 425-577-6542, or by email.