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“Let’s just say we got more than our money’s worth!” says a US university

We get lots of great feedback from our customers about the private training courses we offer, most recently from a large university in the Mid-West of the US, where the IT team was grappling with a complex Microsoft Identity Manager – MIM – installation and needed some support.

“Our research led us to Oxford Computer Group (OCG)  as one of the best partners with experience converting diverse IDM systems to MIM for customers,” says Randy, an identity and access management engineer at the university.  “OCG’s online presence, accolades with Microsoft, and swiftness in responding to our inquiries finalized our decision.”

“The private on-site course allowed us to ask environment-specific questions about MIM and our unique installation”


The university opted for a private course at their premises, so we flew out one of our technical consultants, Jim Troyer, to provide customized training for Randy and his team (pictured). Randy says:

“The private on-site course was not only cheaper, it allowed us to ask environment-specific questions about MIM and our unique installation. This is what made OCG stand out among the rest of the training providers, and was invaluable to our learning experience.

“We were very impressed with the depth of experience and knowledge Jim had. Since he had more than a decade of experience as an IAM consultant, he was able to answer our deep technical questions and talk at length about the product architecture as it related to our environment.

“Let’s just say:  we got more than our money’s worth!

“The course materials were well written, logical and helpful, and months after our training we still refer to the course manual.

“We could not have succeeded without it”

“This training helped prepare us for our long and complex MIM project, we could NOT have succeeded without it!  If any company is considering MIM, you do not want to proceed without this world-class training… this is what makes or breaks IAM departments.”

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Wherever you are in the world, we will come to you. For education institutions who often have limited resources, this can be especially cost-effective. We can train your team and provide ongoing support. Contact us! 

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