Authentication methods – which one’s right for my organization?

“Which authentication method is the right one for my organization?” is a question we are frequently asked, and because there is no single, easy answer, we have often returned to the subject in blogs and webinars. Here are some resources we hope will be useful to you.

Office 365 Authentication Methods – Which One is Right for your Organization?

In this webinar recording from 2017, OCG’s CTO Chris Lloyd, evaluates a range of authentication options including password-hash sync, ADFS, and Azure AD Pass-Through Authentication. If you’re just starting with Office 365 or re-evaluating your O365 authentication options “weigh your options carefully” says Chris.

Moving Beyond Passwords

With new authentication standards like WebAuth becoming widely adopted, and hardware manufacturers adding more biometric capabilities into their devices, the password could soon be heading for obsolescence. In this webinar recording from 2018, OCG Principal Architect Frank Urena discusses how organizations can use existing technologies to lessen dependency on user passwords, and rethinking password policies that increase the chances of compromised credentials.

Azure AD Pass-Through Authentication

In this blog from 2017, James Cowling, CTO of OCG Worldwide previews the Smart Lockout Protection feature in Azure AD Pass-Through Authentication.

Enable Multi-Factor Authentication – But Choose Your Options Wisely!

In this blog from 2018, OCG’s  Frank Urena offers the wisdom that only a Principal Architect can.

Need some help?

Many of our courses consider authentication methods. And if you need more guidance, our consultants – including the presenters of these webinars and the writers of these blogs – are ready to share their expertise with you. Contact us and find out more.