Mastering Security in Microsoft Hybrid Environments: From Active Directory to Microsoft Entra ID

Mastering Security in Microsoft Hybrid Environments: From Active Directory to Microsoft Entra ID

In today’s landscape, many organizations operate complex Microsoft hybrid identity environments, seamlessly integrating Active Directory and Microsoft Entra ID to support a range of functions, including Microsoft 365 cloud workloads.

As the pioneering architects and technicians who initially implemented and configured Active Directory approach retirement, the responsibility for safeguarding the security of these intricate environments transitions to a new cohort of experts.

The Mastering Security in Microsoft Hybrid Environments in-person, 3-day workshop was created in collaboration with Vattenfall, a prominent European multinational utility company, that takes its identity security very seriously.  The workshop was meticulously designed to elevate the proficiency of this emerging generation. By delving into the intricacies of vulnerabilities and remediations within the Microsoft Hybrid environment, participants gain a comprehensive understanding of the evolving security landscape.

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The workshop was carried out inhouse with a very good skilled, friendly and professional trainer. He was able to respond well to all questions, with professional and detailed knowledge. It was delivered to a high level and was focused on our needs.

Sebastian, Vattenfall

Who is it for?

Individuals involved in maintaining the security of Microsoft Active Directory and Microsoft Entra ID environments, including:

  • Architects
  • Security Policy managers
  • Security Operations Centre (SOC) staff
  • Active Directory administrators
  • Application Development staff
  • Service Desk staff

What is Covered?

  • Cyber Attacks: Unraveling the intricacies behind targets and methods employed in cyber attacks.
  • Security Infrastructure: A deep dive into the security infrastructure underpinning Active Directory.
  • Windows Authentication Protocols: Analyzing the security weaknesses and updates relating to NTLM and Kerberos protocols.
  • Non-Traditional Identity/Security Protocols: Reviewing security vulnerabilities in protocols often overlooked in identity/security contexts.
  • Certificate-Based Authentication:  Understanding the nuances of authenticating with Active Directory through certificates.
  • Modern Authentication Protocols: Exploration of contemporary authentication protocols and their alignment with zero-trust principles.
  • Password Security: Identifying vulnerabilities in passwords and exploring alternative security measures.
  • Microsoft 365 Security: Comprehensive coverage of security considerations within Microsoft 365 applications, including Microsoft Entra ID, Teams, and SharePoint Online.

Training Outcomes

Upon the workshop’s completion, your team will have had the opportunity to engage in wide-ranging discussions of your organization’s security environment. The workshop helps participants identify potential areas of concern in your Microsoft hybrid environment and practical ways to improve security in the short and long term.

Delivery Format

The immersive 3-day workshop is tailored for private in-person sessions, offering a dynamic learning experience through demonstrations, real-world scenarios, and interactive discussions. Participants are encouraged to share insights into their organization’s security environment and their role within the organization, fostering a collaborative environment to collectively enhance their understanding of the security posture and policies governing their environment.


This 3-day private in-person training workshop costs £6,400 (€7,400) (plus VAT if applicable) and instructor expenses (e.g. travel and hotel), charged at cost.

Please email us at if you have any questions or require further information.