Compiled by our expert team of identity consultants and instructors, our glossary of terms used in identity management provides brief explanations about products and terms regularly encountered, plus links to other useful resources. 

Training in MIM, Microsoft EntraWhat is authentication?  | MIM, FIM and ILM compared | What is Blockchain? | What is conditional access| What is decentralized identity? | What is ECMA2? | What is Enterprise Mobility? | What is FIDO2? | What is GRC? | What is HR-driven provisioning? | What is hybrid cloud? | What is identity management| What is identity protection? | What is identity-driven security? | What is MFA? | What is MIM? | What is Microsoft Entra? | What is Microsoft Entra ID? | What is Microsoft Entra ID Application Proxy? | What is Microsoft Entra Connect? | What is Microsoft Entra Cloud Sync? | What is Microsoft Entra ID hybrid join? | What is Microsoft 365| What is password hash synchronization (PHS)? | What is pass-through authentication? | What is password writeback? | What is privileged identity management? | What is SaaS| What is seamless single sign-on? | What is SSO| What is SSGM|  What is the Security Transformation? | What is Zero Trust?


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