Azure AD Connect Masterclass – “100% what I needed”

100% of students on our first ever Azure AD Connect Masterclass (now Microsoft Entra Connect) were “very happy” with the training and would recommend the course to colleagues.

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“It’s amazing how many topics were covered.”

Before the course started, I was wondering why it would take 3 days to talk about a small, free product. But, after 3 days, it’s amazing how many topics were covered! Really in-depth and technical. I was most interested in the synchronization rules and now I know what to do. It was 100% what I needed. James and Hugh are perfect teachers. They have very deep knowledge and no questions were too difficult, so it was really great. Peter, IT Specialist

“An immediate return on investment”

I thought that the course was very good. It was very in-depth. It had end-to-end coverage including a lot of things I wasn’t aware it could do…It’s going to help me straight away so it’s an immediate return on investment. Gurdip, Sharepoint Administrator

“Highly recommended to anybody who wants to get an in-depth knowledge” of Azure AD Connect

The course covers many features you may not have used, or may not have thought to use. There was some good deep-dive stuff which is going to be very useful. I would definitely recommend the Azure AD Connect Masterclass to anybody who wants to get an in-depth knowledge. Highly recommended. Ian, Consultant

“Filled the gaps in my knowledge”

I use AD Connect quite a lot and I’ve done quite a lot of work with Azure AD Connect, and this course has filled in the gaps in my knowledge. It was very, very in-depth. There were a few things I didn’t know about. Other things have been made clear. So I thought it was very worthwhile….Hugh and James [the tutors] were very knowledgeable, keen to answer questions and scenarios. They have a wealth of knowledge between them. And they’re very good at presenting too! Stuart, Technical Architect

The tutors “know the product inside out”

The course has given me more confidence to make changes. It’s made me braver…James and Hugh know the product inside out…I would definitely recommend the course. Pennie, Senior Infrastructure Specialist

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