Authentication without boundaries with John Craddock

To streamline and optimize business operations in the future, we must transcend organizational boundaries and create a solution to provide authentication without boundaries.

John Craddock

In this webinar recording, John Craddock (Microsoft MVP and international identity guru) shows how Azure AD, combined with modern authentication protocols, can create a single sign-on solution to resources that are highly distributed both in ownership and location.

Provide secure authenticated access to your own applications for users, customers, and partners

John shows a range of modern authentication protocols, including how to:

  • Manage a single identity across distributed resources
  • Secure user authentication
  • Use Azure AD as an authentication provider
  • Synchronize your on-premises users into Azure AD
  • Provision secure access to applications

Packed with techie details and demos, this presentation is perfect for IT managers, administrators, architects, and dev managers.

Carolyn G, who attended the webinar said: “Amazing session! Thank you!” And Brian C said: “Very good presentation. I’ll be making arrangements to attend the Masterclass.”

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Note: This webinar was recorded before Microsoft rebranded Azure AD to Microsoft Entra ID but it is still relevant and useful.

A Microsoft MVP, John Craddock has been involved in Microsoft solutions since the early days of Windows. As an identity and security architect, he has worked on numerous IT projects for industry-leading multi-nationals. He is a well-known international speaker, and presenter of the Identity Masterclass. Follow John on Twitter! @john_craddock

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