We all learn in different ways. Which mode of study is right for you?

We also offer video training courses and guides.

Compare the benefits of each:

Live instructor-led training via TeamsOnline, self-paced training
Private training
What customers saySee feedbackSee feedbackSee feedback
Top class, market-tested course materialsYesYesYes
Highly trained instructors with real-world experienceYesYesYes
VM lab environment access*YesYesYes
Your individual queries answered by instructorYesWithin 24 hoursYes
Focused, fast learning in a group environmentYesYes
Learn from questions raised by other students, as well as your own questionsYes
Share challenges and experiences with other students during breaksYes
No travel costsYesYesPotentially
Learn at your own pace, in your own time, wherever you are in the world
Dedicated support of an experienced mentor by email or Teams
Detailed discussions with colleagues about how what you’re learning relates to your organization’s infrastructure

*MIM courses 28 days | Azure AD Connect Masterclass up to 21 days