Blockchain – the Ultimate Guide with John Craddock

For techies who want to get a solid and accurate understanding of Blockchain quickly, this webinar recording presented by international identity guru John Craddock, is a must-see!

If your endeavours to understand blockchain have been thwarted by a deluge of confusing and contradictory information on the internet, you need to see this webinar recording! John cuts through the misinformation – “fake news!” – that’s readily available online, to enable you to get a solid and accurate understanding quickly.

You will learn about all the components for creating and managing a blockchain distributed ledger, and how it is becoming a core component of many distributed environments. There are many different implementations of blockchain and, to aid understanding of the technology, the webinar will focus on the Bitcoin implementation.

In this webinar recording, broadcast in 2019, John Craddock explains:

  • How Blockchains work
  • What their uses are beyond supporting the underpinning of cryptocurrency
  • And why are they key to understanding decentralized identity (DID)

Get beyond the “fake news” and view the recording now!

Having a solid understanding of blockchains is vital to understanding decentralized identity (DID). That’s why John Craddock has followed this session with another: an Introduction to Decentralized Identity. As with all of John’s sessions, there’s no waffle, just great, in-depth technical explanations!

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John’s acclaimed Identity Masterclass is now available via Zoom