Neil completes industry-leading, comprehensive MIM training with the identity experts

If you need MIM training, you need to go to Oxford Computer Training because they are the MIM trainers!

Neil, an Infrastructure Systems Administrator from a UK university has completed all three of our MIM training courses: MIM Foundation, MIM Advanced course and MIM Expert. And to ensure that expert identity help and support is on hand for Neil and his team at the university at any time, he also has a TrainingPlus contract.

MIM training with the identity experts

We train more IT pros from universities than any other sector, and Neil is now equipped with a thorough understanding of his university’s MIM environment, and has the confidence to change things if needed. Hear what he says about the value of his training in this video, and read his comments below.

Why MIM training with OCT?

Apart from books, all my MIM training has been with Oxford Computer Training. It’s been fantastically helpful. MIM is not the sort of product that you install and it just runs. You have to configure the whole thing from the start, or you get left with a MIM you don’t fully understand.

When I started at my organization, there was already an existing MIM infrastructure. It wasn’t well documented, so I have been trying to understand how it had been put together. The training has been essential really. And the three stages of the training with OCT (Foundation, Advanced and Expert) have been a really good way to do it with a good gap in between each course. Now I’ve completed the MIM Expert course, when I’m back at work I’ll understand how things have been applied and how it works so we can safely change it when needs be.

The MIM Expert course has been very interesting. It’s a lot more code- and programming-based than the previous two MIM courses which were a lot more ID. It’s about how you design and handle edge cases, which is a lot easier using code than using the portal or the sync engine.

How has your MIM training helped?

I now understand what we have in our MIM environment. We haven’t yet made a lot of changes to it as it seemed to me safest thing was first to understand exactly what we’ve got. Now I know.

The training has helped with troubleshooting! I wouldn’t have dared touch it before, but now I understand things.

What did you think of the instructor?

Paul Captainino is a fantastic tutor! He’s taught me through each level of my training – Foundation, Advanced and Expert. He can chat for half a day and it’s always very entertaining and informative. He’s so knowledgeable. He’s been a MIM consultant and, before that he worked at Microsoft on MIM, so he’s got years of understanding, and knows the history of the product. He’s an excellent trainer. It’s very helpful to have his support after the training has ended too. Paul is a fantastic asset.

Which MIM course is right for you?

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