MIM and Entra training for IT consultants in identity and access management

Our industry-leading Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM) and Entra training courses are very popular with IAM consultants. Here’s a selection of recent feedback from those who have taken our courses in the classroom, via Skype, or online, self-paced.

Ian B, Consultant, UK on the instructor-led Azure AD Connect Masterclass (now Microsoft Entra Connect):

In the past I’ve used Azure AD Connect to do really basic installations for customers, but going on the Masterclass has shown me the possibilities of doing larger scale implementations. It’s shown me some really exciting concepts, and there were some real light bulb moments. One of the biggest eye-openers was how you deploy your infrastructure. Before I went on the Masterclass, I had a concept in my mind of how we would do it, but that’s been turned on its head by this course!

I will recommend the Masterclass to all my colleagues. The knowledge the course writers bring from their previous roles is invaluable, and it’s information you won’t find anywhere else.

Chris C, IT Consultant, Australia on the online, self-paced Azure AD Connect Masterclass (now Microsoft Entra Connect):

The Azure AD Connect Masterclass is an awesome online course. There is so much more to Azure AD Connect that meets the eye or is covered in Microsoft documentation! This Masterclass effortlessly strips away Azure AD Connect’s veneer of simplicity to explore and demonstrate important technical details.

Michael L, Principal Consultant, US on the Identity Masterclass with John Craddock 

Incredibly informative. My head is still spinning (that’s a good thing). Absolute must if you are working with authenticating to/integrating with web services, including new standards which are emerging. Valuable tips for debugging and identifying configuration errors when integrating and deploying.

Pablo O, Cloud & Infrastructure Consultant, Spain on the live, instructor-led MIM Foundation course:

Real in-depth MIM course, as I didn’t see anywhere else. Paul is just a great trainer with a huge IdM knowledge

Darren T, IT Consultant, UK on the live, instructor-led MIM Foundation course:

The MIM Foundation course was brilliant. It helped me to fill in the gaps in my knowledge for supporting and implementing MIM. I will definitely be booking the MIM advanced course.

Callum P, Identity and Access Management Specialist, UK on the live, instructor-led Privileged Access Management in MIM course:

Fantastic course as always. Paul is an amazing teacher and really takes the time to help you understand inherently complex technologies.

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