HR-driven provisioning of Active Directory and Microsoft Entra ID made easy

An automated identity management system for hybrid AD doesn’t have to be complex or costly to implement.

In this recording of my webinar, “HR-driven provisioning of Active Directory and Azure AD made easy”, I showed how an identity management system using MIM and Microsoft Entra Connect (Azure AD Connect), driven by a source of truth such as an HR system, or student enrolment system, offers many benefits, such as timely user provisioning, SSO, accurate security and licensing decisions, and fewer orphaned accounts and rogue permissions. I demonstrated how our HR-driven Provisioning for Hybrid AD – Video Implementation Guide can help you build an automated joiner/mover/leaver lifecycle solution step-by-step.

View the webinar recording now:

Note this webinar was recorded before Microsoft rebranded Azure AD to Microsoft Entra ID and Azure AD Connect to Microsoft Entra Connect but the information is still relevant.

Many organizations have invested in Microsoft 365 (Office 365) alongside their existing Active Directory, or are planning to do so – and, while most can see the advantages of using tools such as MIM and Microsoft Entra Connect (Azure AD Connect) to automate provisioning, some are put off by the apparent cost and complexity. If this resonates, you will want to watch this recording of my webinar  “HR-driven provisioning of Active Directory and Azure AD made easy” in which I:

  • Discussed the benefits of automating the Joiner/Mover/Leaver lifecycle
  • Explained how it’s possible to implement an integrated, automated HR-driven approach to Hybrid AD using Microsoft tools that are either free of charge or included in Azure AD (Now Microsoft Entra ID) licenses
  • Demonstrated how Oxford Computer Training’s easy-to-follow, end-to-end video implementation guide can enable organizations to build an HR-driven identity management system using MIM and Azure AD Connect (now Microsoft Entra Connect).

This webinar recording is for IT professionals and IT administrators from small- and medium-sized organizations who want to know how they can build a simple, cheap automated identity management system using Microsoft tools.