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Microsoft Entra ID training course



Microsoft Entra Connect Masterclass

Written by an expert team, and diving deep beyond the wizard, our Microsoft Entra Connect Masterclass (formerly Azure AD Connect) is the only comprehensive, structured training course for this complex and powerful technology.

  • Live instructor-led training – via Teams in Central European and North American Eastern time
  • Private training course for IT teams – via Teams or on-site

The Azure AD Connect (now Microsoft Entra Connect) Masterclass goes into great detail about Azure AD Connect, and this information is not found anywhere in the Microsoft documentation that I have seen so far. This course will help me in a lot of ways – the most important being what I should and should NOT do, disaster recovery and so on. Hailemichael, US

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Microsoft Entra ID training course

Four days of live instructor-led training via Teams, and as a private course, you’ll learn:

  • Extending AD into the cloud
  • Enabling O365, protecting cloud identities and data using identity protection, conditional access and information protection
  • Group management, self-service, and the Myapps portal

This was, by FAR, the best training I’ve received in years! I learned so much from working through the labs. The instructor’s training style was perfect. He was, in short, remarkable. I cannot say enough kind things. Eowyn, Senior Messaging Systems Engineer, US

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Identity Masterclass with John Craddock

Available as a live instructor-led course via Zoom, and as a private course. In five days John takes you through:

  • Authentication protocols
  • Azure AD, PowerShell, and graph APIs
  • Hybrid considerations: web app proxy, pass-through authentication, and AD FS
  • Working with SaaS, WS-federation, OAuth2.0 apps, and claims-aware apps
  • Enabling B2B and B2C

An epic week. Can’t tell you how many years I’ve wanted to do something like this… Hands down the best course I’ve ever attended. If you work in the identity industry and you’re somewhat aligned to Microsoft Azure, do yourself a favour and get yourself on this course! Gavin, Service Owner, UK

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