Paul Captainino talks about TrainingPlus – five-star rated identity training, plus expert guidance, advice, and assistance as and when you need it

Paul Captainino talks about TrainingPlus
Paul Captainino

TrainingPlus is a flexible and cost-effective way for IT professionals worldwide to join our public or online identity courses plus receive expert advice, guidance, and assistance when needed- all at discounted rates.

In this short video, our highly rated instructor and consultant Paul Captainino talks about why he thinks TrainingPlus is such a good idea, as well as about some recent projects.

I’ve worked for Oxford Computer Group and Oxford Computer Training as a consultant and trainer for many years. The thing I enjoy most is drawing on my real-world experience as a consultant to help students in the classroom, and beyond.

As many of my students take multiple courses with me, and stay in touch afterwards, I’m often asked to help out on an informal basis if they get stuck with something or need advice. It has been great to formalize this kind of ongoing relationship through our TrainingPlus programme, which allows our customers to call on Oxford Computer Training’s identity expertise (and not just mine!), in various ways, at short notice.

For example, we recently ran a workshop for a university’s IT team. They were unsure of whether to enable in-cloud or on-premises the features that they required. A couple of hours of demonstration and discussion of the methods and options provided (and, more importantly, not provided) by each of the available components, followed by our workshop report, helped them focus their efforts appropriately.

Another customer turned to us for help implementing a dev and test environment, that they didn’t have time to work through themselves. As we did this, our discussions revealed the need several other small but important tweaks to their existing solution. Rather than having to scope a full consultancy, they got where they needed through a couple of days of mentoring.

Our TrainingPlus engagements are not only very time- and cost-effective for our customers, they are very enjoyable for me. So it’s a win-win!

Identity expertise as and when you need it

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