Commonly Used Acronyms in Identity and Access Management

If you don’t know your CS from your CM, or your DL from your DLL, our list of identity management acronyms is for you!

After every training course, we ask our students for feedback about their training. We read every comment and take what our students say very seriously. So when Richard, who took our online MIM Foundation course, said this:

With so many very similar acronyms in identity management it’s easy to get confused, even when the principles are clear. How about something that has all the acronyms and their meanings summarized to refer to throughout the course?

…we thought it was a great idea, especially as it was a natural extension to our already very popular glossary pages.

Terms used in identity management

So our team of identity experts began to compile a list, writing definitions for each one, to create a user’s guide to abbreviations in identity management.

It was created primarily for use by students on our courses, to enable easy referral as they learn, but we think it will be great for everyone. Here we go, from AD to XML…

Identity acronyms explained

Please let us know if you think we’ve missed something!