Live, instructor-led MIM and Azure training courses via Teams – over 97% of recent students recommend them!

Wherever you are in the world you can attend a live, instructor-led MIM, Azure AD or Azure AD Connect training courses via Teams. 

MIM and Azure training courses live from anywhere via TeamsWe get consistently excellent feedback from IT pros who attend our live, instructor-led classes via Teams – and over 97% of recent students said that they would recommend them to colleagues.

We have added a great many more remote-only, small group, MIM, Azure AD and Azure AD Connect training courses to our schedule. You can attend from anywhere, and classes start at either 9am North American Eastern Time or 9am Central European Time.

What do recent students say?

Kevin told us:

This is the second course I have participated in remotely and highly recommend it. The course experience was superb. It was just like being in the classroom!

The flexibility of our online, self-paced MIM and Azure training works for many students, but others greatly value the discipline of attending a class in real time -interacting live with the instructor and fellow classmates, and being able to ask questions whenever they arise.

As the great feedback from students confirms, our instructors are very experienced in teaching ‘remotely’, so you will be included in all discussions just as you would be if you were in class. You will also be expected to participate fully – so it really is just like being in the class! 

What do students say about learning remotely via Teams?

Callum said:

Fantastic. This is the first time I have attended a class ‘remotely’. It’s a very nice and convenient way of learning. Paul is an amazing teacher and really takes the time to help you understand inherently complex technologies.

Om said:

I found the training very informative and right to the point. The advantage of me attending this course via Teams was that I could carry on with labs and revision after the classroom session had ended.

Phil said:

Very happy. Never been in a class this way but it worked out well.

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