MIM Advanced private course in Ohio: 100% 5-star reviews

Over the last 12 months, our expert trainers have presented more than 15 private training courses to customers in many countries, most recently the US, UK, Norway and Finland. Last week our legendary instructor Paul Captainino was in Ohio teaching our MIM Advanced course privately to a group of students from a government agency.

five star rated technical training from Oxfrod Computer Training100% of students:

  • Gave the course 5-stars
  • Rated the instructor as excellent
  • Would recommend the MIM Advanced course
  • Would recommend private training

Here’s what the students said:

Paul did an incredible job. Since our company is new to MIM, he took the time to work with each of us on the critical aspects of what is possible with MIM. He is an amazing instructor with a depth of understanding in the materials, that made it a joy to be his student. My favorite quote from Paul: “With MIM the answer is always ‘yes’. But should you?”

Doing this as a private course allowed us to share our reasoning and our thoughts on architecture, innovation, procedures, policies, and best practices as they relate to our needs not just generalized concepts or assumptions.

The course is excellent and a finer instructor for the course material, one cannot hope to find.

Private on-site training – in Azure and PAM as well as MIM – is proving more and more popular. Why? 

  • Flexibility – we can schedule courses according to your requirements
  • Tailored content – we can focus on sections of the course that are most relevant to your needs
  • Detailed peer-to-peer discussion – colleagues training together can discuss company-specific implementation issues
  • Cost savings – private courses work out cheaper if you want to train more than five delegates, and you save on travel and accommodation costs too
  • Staff availability – valuable IT staff are on-site in case they are needed for operational duties

We decided to opt for the private on-site course because not only was it more cost effective, it allowed us to take the time and ask environment-specific questions about MIM and our unique installation. This was invaluable to our learning experience.

What do students say about our private, on-site MIM, PAM and Azure training courses?

Feedback from students about our private, on-site courses is consistently excellent – see what they have to say here.

If you have a team to teach, no matter where you are in the world, our instructors can come to you.

If you’d like to find out more about private training, call us on UK +44 (0)1865 521200, or USA +1 425-577-6542, or email us.