What is Blockchain? What is Decentralized Identity? Identity expert John Craddock explains

International identity expert John Craddock’s new entries on Blockchain and Decentralized Identity are the latest additions to our popular technical glossary. And don’t miss his upcoming webinars.

Including contributions from Oxford Computer Training’s expert instructors and consultants, our useful and expanding glossary provides clear, no-nonsense explanations about identity technologies – both specific products and concepts – plus links to further reading and other resources.

Decentralized Identity (DID) is the future of identity systems. And, to understand DID, you need to understand Blockchain.

That’s why we’re delighted that John Craddock has written two new glossary entries for us:

We’re also delighted that John’s upcoming Blockchain and Decentralized Identity webinars have already attracted hundreds of registrations!

In John’s first webinar on 30 May, he will cut through the “fake news” about Blockchains to give you a solid understanding of how they work, and their uses beyond supporting the underpinning of cryptocurrency. Register now!

In his second webinar on 27 June, John will explain how multiple organizations are already working with proposals and open standards for Decentralized Identity, and how underlying technologies are used to implement DID. Register now!