Upcoming instructor-led training courses in MIM, Microsoft Entra ID (Azure AD), Microsoft Entra Connect (Azure AD Connect) – live in U.S. Eastern time

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Our popular instructor Paul teaches our MIM, Microsoft Entra Connect,, Microsoft Entra ID and PAM courses live via Teams.

Our five-star rated Microsoft Entra ID (Azure AD), Microsoft Entra Connect (Azure AD Connect), MIM, and PAM instructor-led training courses take place in Eastern time (except when otherwise indicated).

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*also available as online, self-paced courses – start anytime!

100% of students in 2023 rated their instructor as “excellent”, 97% gave their course a 5-star rating, and 97% said that they would recommend the course to colleagues.

Our training courses get consistently excellent reviews from IT professionals in North and South America – for example:

Richard, a Computer Specialist who attended our MIM Foundation course live via Teams, said:

One of the best live online classes I have taken! Mr. Captainino, the instructor, is a master of his craft. He dumped a ton of information on us in a short time and still made it fun and easy to follow. I feel much more comfortable working with MIM. Thanks!

Marius, IT professional, who attended our MIM Foundation course live via Teams, said:

Paul is by far the best instructor I have ever encountered. He explains things very well, is very patient and can also make the class entertaining and fun.

Robert, Application Developer, who attended our MIM Advanced course live via Teams, said:

Excellent instructor – Paul knows MIM inside and out. He is very thorough, and keeps a decent pace we all can enjoy and grow into. Paul has a very good personality, and has these classes organized and on point. Fully recommend his training to anyone wanting to get into identity management within MIM. Excellent. Five stars. Thanks.

Attending remotely was perfect. This class stayed on track, at a great pace, and was full of information about MIM.

Jessica, Enterprise IT Architect, who attended our MIM Expert course live via Teams, said:

As always, Paul, the instructor’s presentation was thorough with excellent examples and laced with humor. I appreciate Paul’s willingness to field questions both directly and indirectly related to the material in the course.

Jordan, Principal Consultant, who attended our Azure AD Connect Masterclass (now called Microsoft Entra Connect) live via Teams, said:

Another great course from Oxford Computer Training! I have taken several courses over the years and am always impressed by the depth of understanding that I come away with.

Junior, Software Engineer, who attended our Azure AD Identity and Security (now called Microsoft Entra ID) course live via Teams, said:

Excellent. The instructor is really an expert in the field. He is very funny which helped me relax. Zoom/Teams learning is the way now and will be for a long time.

Arden, Principal Systems Engineer, who attended our PAM course live via Teams, said:

Excellent. The lectures and labs worked well to provide a good overview of PAM.

Przemysław, DevOps Engineer, who attended John Craddock’s Microsoft Identity Masterclass live via Zoom, said:

Exceptionally good!  John is an excellent teacher who can talk about complicated stuff in really simple terms. I would like to see more training like that!

Note: John Craddock’s Microsoft Identity Masterclass is available to IT teams in the US as a private class on request.

Which of our highly recommended courses will you take? And did you know that all courses can be run privately for your team?

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