Upcoming MIM, PAM and Azure training courses in the US

96% of students from the US and Canada who took our Microsoft Identity Manager, PAM and Azure AD training courses in 2019 would recommend them to their colleagues, and 92% rated their instructor as “excellent”. Read what students say.

Tom, an Infrastructure Architect from Washington state, who took our MIM Foundation course said:

The instructor did a fantastic job, and was deeply knowledgeable about the subject. The documentation and labs were top notch.

MIM training in Washington
MIM training with instructor Paul Captainino in Bothell, WA

The next MIM, PAM and Azure AD training courses in the US are


What recent students from the US and Canada say

Chris, Infrastructure Engineer, who attended our MIM Foundation course in the classroom, said:

The instructor was great. It’s obvious he knows this system inside and out. If we bring in a consultant he would be brilliant! The documentation and labs were spot on. Best lab documentation I have ever used.

Casey, System Admin, who attended our MIM Advanced course live via Skype said:

This course was great. It covers a lot of the things that we had been hiring consultants for, and opens up a lot of possibilities for our organization.

James, Programmer, who attended our MIM Expert course in the classroom said:

The course is essential for MIM developers. It covers areas that should be taught in Microsoft’s courses, which I have taken, but are left out.

Giovanny, Windows System Administrator, who attended our PAM course in the classroom, said:

Worth flying in for! I got a great understanding of what PAM is and what it will do to keep our company safe.

Russell, MIM Architect, who attended our Azure AD Connect Masterclass live via Skype, said:

Excellent. The course was well done as an all-inclusive class that could bring any person up to speed on how to function and manage Azure AD Connect with the necessary level of knowledge to support Azure AD Connect in an enterprise environment.

William, Vice President, who attended the Identity Masterclass with John Craddock, said:

The course was an excellent deep dive on Identity – exactly what my team and I were expecting to leave with. We are much better armed to do in-depth identity troubleshooting for some of our big cloud and identity projects in 2019. This was an excellent class lead by John and I will be sure to rotate the rest of my team through in future classes.

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