Identity management glossary – more key terms explained

What is FIDO2? What is ECMA2?  What is Azure AD Connect cloud provisioning? What is Azure AD hybrid join? These are just some of the new entries which have just been added to our hugely popular glossary of terms in identity management.

Compiled by our expert team of identity consultants and instructors, our glossary provides brief explanations about products and terms regularly encountered in identity management, plus links to other useful resources.

Top 5 most popular glossary entries in 2019

  1. What is MIM?
  2. What is Azure AD Connect?
  3. MIM, FIM and ILM compared
  4. What is conditional access?
  5. What is GRC?

New glossary entries for 2020 – from FIDO2 to ECMA2

Our new What is FIDO2″ glossary entry has been written for us by identity expert and trainer John Craddock. John will also present a webinar for us about Fast IDentity Online on 4 February. Register now!

What is ECMA2? ECMA2 stands for Extensible Connectivity Management Agent. Essentially it’s a connector in an identity management system which enables communication with every identity store in your organization. (Have a look at the other entries in the glossary on MIM-related things.)

The new glossary entries below describe features within Azure AD Connect. Read on and you’ll see just how much Azure AD Connect can do! And why not test your Azure AD Connect knowledge in our multiple choice quiz? Can you beat the current average score of 49%?

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