Wherever you are in the world, our expert instructors can train your IT team via Teams/Skype.

All our MIM, Azure AD and Azure AD Connect courses are available as private training courses, and feedback from students is consistently excellent.

As always, Paul [the instructor] was excellent in both knowledge and delivery. Learning via Teams was very effective and convenient.

We opted for the private course because not only was it cheaper, it allowed us to take the time and ask environment-specific questions about MIM and our unique installation. Let’s just say we got more than our money’s worth!

The course was so good and the instructor was excellent. I learned so much about Azure, and the content was so clear. Learning remotely was good – no problems.

We have run 15+ private MIM, Azure AD and Azure AD Connect training courses in the last 18 months for IT teams in many countries including Canada, Germany, Finland, Ireland, the Netherlands, Switzerland, the UK, the US, and the US Virgin Islands. In 2020, all our private training has taken place remotely via Teams/Skype.

Why is private training so popular?

  • If you have 5+ people to train, a private course is very cost effective
  • Your team can be trained together remotely via Teams/Skype – you’ll all learn together in a virtual classroom
  • It’s excellent for team building
  • Our expert instructors – who offer lots of real-world experience – can discuss organization-specific infrastructure and implementations with students in greater detail than is possible on a public course
  • We can tailor course content to focus on what’s most important to you
  • You can arrange the course for a date that is convenient to you

Do you have any questions about private training? Would you like a price quote? Contact us by completing our short form, by email, or by phone:

  • UK +44 (0)1865 521200
  • USA +1 425-577-6542

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Guide prices for private training courses

Course code and duration
Course name
Cost for up to 5


Cost for extra


A620 – 4 days
MIM Foundation
£9,270 / $13,340 / €11,720 plus expenses
£550 / $660 / €600 per seat
A621 – 4 days
MIM Advanced
£9,270 / $13,340 / €11,720 plus expenses
£550 / $660 / €600 per seat
A622 – 4 days
MIM Expert
£9,270 / $13,340 / €11,720 plus expenses
£550 / $660 / €600 per seat
A640 – 1 day
£2,300 / $3,310 / €2,900 plus expenses
£130 / $150 / €140 per seat
A638 – 3 days
Azure AD Connect Masterclass£6,040 / $8,690 / €7,640 plus expenses£360 / $430 / €390 per seat
A630 – 4 days
Azure AD Identity and Security
£6,570 / $9,460 / €8,310 plus expenses
£390 / $460 / €420 per seat
A639 – 5 days
Microsoft Identity Masterclass with John CraddockContact us for a priceContact us for a price
PML5 – 5  days
Practical Machine Learning, AI & Data Science
£13,020 / $15,620 / €14,320
£780 / $930 / €850 per seat
PML2 – 2 days
Introduction to Practical Machine Learning, AI & Data Science
£6,510 / $7,810 / €7,160
£390 / $460 / €420 per seat
PML3 – 3 days
Intermediate Practical Machine Learning, AI & Data Science
£8,830 / $10,590 / €9,710
£520 / $620 / €570 per seat

All instructor expenses (such as travel and hotels) are charged at cost.

We offer private training courses via Teams/Skype

Our trainers teach technical teams all over the world. Pre-Covid, our instructors flew to North America, the Caribbean, Europe and the Middle East. And in 2020, despite Covid, the private training has continued online in real time via Teams.

Our instructors are skilled at running courses via Teams/Skype. Our instructor simply connects with the participants live in real time. This is particularly useful for geographically dispersed teams and enables staff to work closely together no matter where they are.


Ask us for more information about private training for your team

Or contact us on UK +44 (0)1865 521200, or USA +1 425-577-6542, or email us. 

The private class made it possible to identify one or more approaches for solving the challenges and problems that we have observed in our organization’s MIM deployment.

Charles B, Senior IAM Architect, US

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We were very impressed with the depth of experience and knowledge the instructor had. He actually had more experience than the consultants we had engaged to actually run our project!

As the instructor had a decade-long background as an IAM consultant, he was able to answer our deep technical questions and talk at length about the product architecture as it related to our environment.

Lets just say: we got more than our money’s worth!

A North American university’s IT team leader. Attended MIM Foundation private course