Private training can be tailored to your specific circumstances and needs.

Highly trained staff in the technologies you deploy are vital if you want to keep your organization secure and flexible. If you have a team to train a private training session is the most cost-effective way to gain the skills you need.

Our awesome trainer comes to you either in person, or via Skype!

Our private courses run in the same way as our public classroom courses. Students receive printed courseware to guide them through the course. The instructor takes the students through the modules, labs and is on-hand to offer one-to-one help where required.

At the end of a course, students get time-limited login to access our Training Portal, giving them valuable access to course manuals, tutorials, course modules and self-assessment quizzes

MIM, Azure AD and PAM training at your own premises

One of the challenges organizations face when arranging training is to co-ordinate staff availability with public classroom training schedules. If there are a number of people in your organization that require training then a private course at your premises has many benefits:

  • Significant savings on travel and overnight expenses
  • Flexibility – arrange the course for a date that is convenient to you
  • Course content – we can tailor content to focus on what’s most important to you
  • Share discussions with your colleagues relevant to you
  • Team building – learning together is a great way to bond
  • Cost savings! – train more than 5 people and start saving on the costs of classroom training
  • Keep your valuable IT staff on-site in case they are needed for operational duties

Guide prices for private training courses

Course code and duration
Course name
Cost for up to 5


Cost for extra


A620 – 4 days
MIM Foundation
$12,500 / £8,750 plus expenses
$800 /£500 per seat
A621 – 4 days
MIM Advanced
$13,600 / £9,250 plus expenses
$800 /£500 per seat
A622 – 4 days
MIM Expert
$13,600 / £9,250 plus expenses $800 /£500 per seat
A640 – 1 day
Privileged Access Management –
$3,000 /£2,250 plus expenses
$300 /£200 per seat
A638 – 3 days
Azure AD Connect Masterclass $9,500 / £7,000 plus expenses
Price negotiable
depending on number
of students
A630 – 3 days
Azure – Implementing Secure Cloud Hybrid Identity
$9,000 / £6,750 plus expenses
Price negotiable
depending on number
of students
A639 – 5 days
Microsoft Identity Masterclass with John Craddock Contact us for a price Contact us for a price

All instructor expenses, such as travel and hotels are charged at cost.

How it works

To help you host a private training course we have course technicians on-hand to provide assistance with the classroom setup including machine and software requirements and help with loading VMs.

And to make life easier still, we host the training VMs in the cloud. This means that delegates simply need to arrive with their laptops and they will be able to access the VMs through your broadband connection. This reduces the pre-course setup to a minimum and is especially useful when clients lack spare machines or when timescales are tight.

Oxford Computer Training worldwide!

Our trainers teach technical teams all over the world. Recent engagements have taken us to North America, the Caribbean, Europe and the Middle East.

We can run a course by flying our trainer to you to physically join your team in the classroom, or we can run the course ‘remotely’ via Skype. Or a mixture of both!

Our instructors are skilled at running training courses via Skype. Our instructor simply connects with the participants live in real time via the internet. This is especially awesome for geographically dispersed teams and gives staff a chance to work together no matter where they are based.

Mark Forbes - OCG Learning Training Manager

To find out more, contact our Training Manager, Mark Forbes today on UK +44 (0)1865 521200, or USA +1 425-577-6542, or email Mark.

SEE what oThers say about studying Privately

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Paul has been a great instructor, and he provided excellent explanations of areas where we needed clarification. Everything we learned will definitely help us with our production MIM implementation.

We were very impressed with the depth of experience and knowledge the instructor had. He actually had more experience than the consultants we had engaged to actually run our project!

As the instructor had a decade-long background as an IAM consultant, he was able to answer our deep technical questions and talk at length about the product architecture as it related to our environment.

Lets just say: we got more than our money’s worth!

A North American university’s IT team leader. Attended MIM Foundation private course