Blockchain and Decentralized Identity – John Craddock presents the facts

Get the facts about Blockchain and Decentralized Identity – and how they are inextricably linked – from identity guru John Craddock in a pair of webinar recordings that can be viewed on demand.

There’s a huge quantity of misinformation about blockchain technology on the internet, and having a solid understanding of blockchains is vital to understanding decentralized identity (DID).

That’s why John Craddock developed a pair of closely-linked webinars.

John Craddock’s Ultimate Guide to Blockchain: webinar recording

When John first began to look into Blockchain, he was shocked by the quantity of misleading and incorrect information available online. In this webinar – the first of two webinars – he cut through the “fake news” to provide a solid and accurate description of how Blockchains work and their uses beyond supporting the underpinning of cryptocurrency.

John covers all the components for creating and managing a Blockchain Distributed Ledger, and how it is becoming a core component of many distributed environments. There are many different implementations of Blockchain and, to aid the understanding of the technology, this webinar focused on the Bitcoin implementation of Blockchain.

John Craddock’s Introduction to Decentralized Identity: webinar recording

What if YOU were in sole control of your identity and not relying on multiple organizations protecting it for you? If you count how many identities you have to access work and social resources, there will probably be O365, Google, Facebook, and many more! In today’s world, we entrust these organizations with our identity, “secured” with only a username and password.

In John Craddock’s Introduction to Decentralized Identity webinar, he explains how multiple organizations are already working with proposals and open standards for decentralized identity (DID). A self-owned and controlled identity will integrate seamlessly into your everyday life and give you complete control of the information you share, and with whom you share it. It’s the future of identity systems!

John explains how the underlying technologies are used to implement DID. A key component underpinning DID systems is Decentralized Ledger Technology – Blockchain. So, to get the maximum from this DID webinar, we suggest that you watch John’s Ultimate Guide to Blockchain webinar recording first.

Excellent webinar, excellent presenter. A complex subject explained very well. Neil W, UK