Private training for your team – a company-specific course in MIM and Microsoft Entra

Ask company-sensitive questions in the privacy of a closed classroom

Before the pandemic, our instructor Paul Captainino often travelled to customers’ offices to teach teams of IT professionals in person. Now, the vast majority of our private courses take place remotely via Teams. No matter where the private training takes place, one of the main benefits is summed up by Arnaut L, who liked the training very much because, he says:

We can ask specific questions about our own implementation of Azure (now Microsoft Entra).

Arnaut was one of a team of 6 IT guys from a global financial services and insurance company in Paris, where Paul took them through our Azure Active Directory – Identity and Security (now Microsoft Entra ID) training course.

A company-specific course in MIM or Microsoft Entra

When students want to discuss things pertinent to their environment in great depth, such as workflows or naming conventions, or examine a particular technical set-up, during a private course our instructor can take the time to investigate. We can extend the concepts the students have already learned and apply them to the students’ unique company environment. This can ONLY ever happen with a private course.

While our instructors know many, many things, they are the first to acknowledge when they don’t know. Fortunately, they have the skills and experience of other Oxford Computer Group’s consultants to draw upon.  Paul says: “It’s OK for me to say I don’t know – but I can find out.” And he always does!

Real-world experience adds an extra dimension to the training

Our instructors are not only trainers, they are experienced identity and infrastructure consultants, and this enables them to move away from the course content when asked questions specific to a student’s IT environment, and to return to the structured course content later. For the duration of the training, you’re instructor is your consultant, too!

Open to question

Paul says: “I find that IT professionals are sometimes reluctant to ask questions when they’re on a public course. They assume everyone else in the class knows more than they do, and it can be inhibiting. But when my students are all from the same company on a private course, I know they feel freer to talk and ask questions, and I think this partly because they’re surrounded by their colleagues, who often know what they don’t know! So there’s no risk of revealing any lack of knowledge.”

Julian A said

The course was engaging and detailed, providing a good operational understanding of the product. Because we learned privately, as a team, we had personalized, targeted training.

Private courses are custom courses!

Private courses can be customized in advance to meet your unique needs according to the different levels of skills members of your team have. However, our courses are very carefully designed so that the knowledge builds gradually and logically, module by module. And for that reason, we don’t offer ‘pick ‘n’ mix’ as it can lead to insurmountable gaps.

Custom courses nearly always evolve out of conversations I have with customers. If you’re looking for some very specific training, if it going to work successfully, we need to talk so we can understand precisely what it is you’re trying to achieve.

But our course content is flexible and if there are specific challenges you’re seeking answers to in your training, we can, for example, build more time into a course to ‘chalk and talk’ our way through and get you the answers you need.

The difference between training your staff together on a private course, and training staff individually on a public course are:

  • We can pay special attention to parts of the course most relevant to your company’s environment.
  • Staff training together can share information freely and are more likely to ask questions more pertinent to your environment.
  • Price! Private training often works out cheaper if you have 5 or more people to train. And as our instructor comes to you (if you want in-person training), you’ll save on staff travel and accommodation expenses. You’ll get more than your money’s worth!
  •  Our instructors are also experienced consultants so you’ll get the answers your organization needs!
  • Flexibility – when’s a good time for your team?

All our courses are available as private courses.

MIM Foundation MIM Advanced MIM Expert

MICROSOFT ENTRA CONNECT MASTERCLASS John Craddock’s Microsoft Identity Masterclass

PAM in MIM Microsoft Entra ID

If you have a team to teach, no matter where in the world you are, our course can come to you via Teams or in person.

If you’d like to talk about private training for your team, call me in the UK at +44 (0)1865 521200, or USA at +1 425-577-6542, email me or complete the short form here.

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