First student reviews of our online, self-paced Azure AD Connect Masterclass

We launched our Azure AD Connect Masterclass as online, self-paced training in December 2018 at a special introductory price. The first students to take the Masterclass online are already completing their courses, and telling us what they think.

Chris C, an IT consultant in Australia, told us:

An awesome course. I have many years of experience working with MIM and all its predecessors, yet even for me, there was something new and unexpected at every turn, that made the journey all the more worthwhile.

There is so much more to Azure AD Connect than meets the eye or is covered in Microsoft documentation! This Masterclass effortlessly strips away Azure AD Connect’s veneer of simplicity to explore and demonstrate important technical details.

It helped me to understand and avert the inevitable common pitfalls, and so will enable me – as a consultant – to ensure effective, efficient and secure implementations for the organizations I work with.

Roy C, ICT beheerder Server&Storage in the Netherlands said:

I took this course online because I couldn’t attend the private training in the classroom along with my colleagues. The course was very clarifying, I learned a lot. It gives more insight in provisioning and connectors to O365.

The online, self-paced experience was good.  The course material was very clear and informational. Labs were very well organized.

Combine these reviews with the feedback that we have already received from students who took the Masterclass live in the classroom and you’ll see that our Azure AD Masterclass is a revelation, offering light bulb moments and new possibilities even to highly experienced identity professionals!

Hailemichael, a Programmer/Analyst in the US, said:

The Azure AD Connect Masterclass goes into great detail about Azure AD Connect, and this information is not found anywhere in the Microsoft documentation that I have seen so far. 

This course will help me in a lot of ways – the most important being what I should and should NOT do, disaster recovery and so on. The class goes in to great detail about what to avoid doing so that I don’t get trapped later on… an insight into the future.

Ian B told us:

This Masterclass is for anyone in identity management who’s looking to deploy AAD Connect in a large organisation. Whether you’ve used MIM or Azure AD Connect in the past, this Masterclass is for you.

Go beyond the wizard

Many organizations don’t go beyond the wizard when they install it, and if that’s you, then you’re missing out! Be like Hailemichael and get an insight into the future now and avoid getting trapped later on. Find out what’s beyond the wizard in this recording of a phenomenally popular webinar from March 2018.

Our Azure AD Connect Masterclass is available as online, self-paced training right now at a special introductory price of £750 / $990 / €850 until 31 March 2019 – and you can start the course anytime you like within a year! Find out more.

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Thinking of taking the Azure AD Connect Masterclass online, self-paced?

In this movie our CEO, Hugh Simpson-Wells explains what you get and how it works:

Our Azure AD Masterclass was written and developed by these experts in the technology:

  • Andreas Kjellman (formerly MIM and Azure AD Connect Program Manager for Microsoft)
  • Jimmy Andersson (MVP Enterprise Mobility)
  • Hugh Simpson-Wells (CEO, Oxford Computer Group and Oxford Computer Training)
  • James Cowling (CTO, Oxford Computer Group)