What is Enterprise Mobility?

Enterprise mobility is the term used to describe the extension of an organization’s modern tools and data to a workforce that more often than not, is outside the traditional physical boundaries of a business. Workers can connect, operate, and conduct business seamlessly without regard to time or proximity of co-workers and customers. By leveraging the connectivity of the internet, the extension and migration of on-premises data and legacy applications to the cloud, coupled with the deployment of modern cloud-first applications, members of an organization can conduct their business anywhere, anytime, all the time.

Challenges of enterprise mobility

The result for an organization is that there are no boundaries for doing business. Those traditional boundaries no longer restrain productivity. However, the traditional means to protect applications, and ultimately the data, are no longer relevant to Enterprise Mobility. Regardless of the protections that can be enabled on mobile devices, the organization’s data is ‘out there’ in the wild and no longer safe within the confines of a protected corporate network.  Now an organization’s data is subject to loss, compromise, and exposure to the bad guys and competitors.

Enterprise Mobility brings fantastic returns by breaking down the traditional barriers to conducting business but at substantial risk if the organization does not take the commensurate steps to protect its data.

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