Private MIM and Azure AD training courses for education organizations worldwide

Our highly rated private training courses in MIM and Azure AD are proving very popular for universities, colleges and schools throughout the world.

A fast changing and multi-role user base (including students, teaching staff and alumni) combined with tight budgets means that it can be particularly challenging for IT teams at education organizations to build and maintain a secure and efficient IT infrastructure.

As well as saving time and money, private on-site training on MIM and Azure AD is very effective in building the skills and confidence of IT teams. Private courses can be tailored, and our expert instructors – who offer lots of real-world experience – can discuss organization-specific infrastructure and implementations with students in greater detail. And that’s why we are running more and more private training courses for education organizations worldwide.

Our instructor Paul Captainino trains an IT team at a university in Arizona, June 2019

10+ private, on-site courses for universities in the last 12 months

Over the last 12 months alone, our instructors have presented on-site MIM and Azure AD courses at more than 10 universities in the US, UK and Europe and the Caribbean, with some team members attending the live class via Skype.

Feedback from students on private training courses is consistently excellent

98% of students told us on their feedback forms that they would recommend private training, and 93% rated the instructor as ‘excellent’.

Charles B, Senior IAM Architect at a university in Massachusetts, US, who attended a MIM Advanced private course, said:

The instructor was extremely knowledgeable about MIM and how to approach its use in a real world deployment. He did a remarkable job of demonstrating multiple, serial steps necessary to implement integrated MA and portal policies at the rapid pace necessary to cover capabilities of the product

The private class enabled us to cover advanced topics, stay engaged, and it was possible to have side conversations and identify one or more approaches for solving the challenges and problems that we have observed in our organization’s MIM deployment.

Erik P, Director of Network Operations at a university in the Caribbean, who attended the Azure AD Connect Masterclass with his team, told us:

An excellent course as I had expected from previous experience. Paul is an excellent instructor, and we learned everything I expected and more.

Private training allowed us to compare our experience at our institution to the material in the course and understand how it applies to our specific needs. This is very important for us.

Mark M, Systems and Network Administrator at a university in Dublin, Ireland, said:

Very informative course – a lot of material to cover in a short time but Paul (the instructor) was very knowledgeable and was able to explain complex items very clearly.

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