Azure AD Connect Masterclass (A638)

The Masterclass goes into great detail about Azure AD Connect, and this information is not found anywhere in the Microsoft documentation that I have seen so far.
I have used AAD Connect for a while, but there are some things I do where I don’t really have a good understanding of what’s going on. But this class makes it clear. It goes in to great detail about what to avoid doing so that I don’t get trapped later on.

Hailemichael, US

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Who is the Azure AD Connect Masterclass for?

Our AAD Connect Masterclass is for architects and administrators responsible for connecting their on-premises Active Directory with an Azure Active Directory tenant who want to:

  • Understand what Azure AD Connect can do beyond its ‘out-of-the-box’ form and investigate its many additional capabilities
  • Learn how to configure and maintain it, and which configurations are supported​

AAD Connect is now a key part of a hybrid AD infrastructure.

The “out-of-the-box” installation offers some great features, and it is important that these are fully understood. But it’s also vital to learn about the additional configurations that are possible, and which are supported.

Having the optimal configuration for your organization will enable you to provide consistent, secure and user-friendly authentication, as well as consistent authorization across on-premises and cloud applications through automated and reliable group management – even in complex environments, and all while minimizing the strain on your administrators and helpdesk staff.

The Azure AD Connect Masterclass covers both the ‘easy’ things (installation and configuration using the wizard) as well as ‘harder’ things, like how provisioning and deprovisioning works, and the disaster recovery options. It has realistic hands-on labs enabling you to get a proper understanding of its capabilities in real-world scenarios.

Familiarity with AD and basic concepts of authentication will be advantageous​ – the same goes for Exchange (unless you will never use it).

Azure AD Connect is based on Microsoft Identity Manager, and while we will call out similarities and differences, no prior knowledge is required – and the same goes for Azure Active Directory.

The training comprises presentations, discussions, demonstrations, and a lot of hands-on exercises. The hands-on labs – which are crucial to a proper understanding of the topics covered – have been made as realistic as possible. So for example, students will use a real domain and fully implement Azure AD Connect in various configurations. The labs are complex and reflect issues you will face in the real world.

How to take the AAD Connect Masterclass:

  • Attend live instructor-led in the classroom for 3 days, or join the live class via Skype.
  • Study online, self-paced. You get access to online learning videos that cover the same content as classroom course, tutor support, access to a real Azure cloud and on-premises environment for up to 2 weeks, a soft copy of our course manual, plus notifications of any significant Azure AD/Azure AD Connect updates.
  • Arrange a private training session for you team. This instructor-led option can be in the classroom at a location of your choice, or via Skype. You tell us!

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Training outcomes

At the end of the course you’ll understand:

  • Everything you can do through the wizard, and how to extend that
  • Different authentication options – how you move from one to the other, and how they interact
  • AAD Connect architecture and configuration, understanding and editing rules, and handling errors
  • Scheduling, statistics, basic troubleshooting, high availability, and AAD Connect health
  • Managing AAD Connect with PowerShell
  • Precedence, provisioning/deprovisioning, joining rules, and transformations
  • Upgrading, backup, restore and recovery options
  • Multi-forest, multi-tenant and non-AD directory scenarios
  • Integrating cloud-based HR systems
  • What’s supported and what’s not
  • And much more…see the course outline tab (above) for detail.

This course was written by Andreas Kjellman (formerly MIM and Azure AD Connect Program Manager for Microsoft), Hugh Simpson-Wells (CEO, OCG), Jimmy Andersson (MVP Enterprise Mobility) and James Cowling (CTO, OCG).

Andreas Kjellman – Hugh Simpson-Wells – Jimmy Andersson – James Cowling

There is very little overlap between this Azure AD Connect Masterclass and the Identity Masterclass with John Craddock

  • The Identity Masterclass with John Craddock uses Azure AD Connect in its simplest out-of-the-box configuration. The Azure AD Connect Masterclass examines Azure AD Connect deeply.
  • The Identity Masterclass with John Craddock examines authentication issues in detail. The Azure AD Connect Masterclass covers authentication only to the extent that is needed to demonstrate the different configuration options.

Delegates on this course will learn about the product in detail and its many features through lectures, discussion, and hands-on labs. The hands-on labs are crucial to a proper understanding of the product and have been designed to be as realistic as possible.

What you will study:

  • The role of AAD Connect, and sources of identity objects and attributes, and what is synchronized
  • An overview of Azure Active Directory, its relationship with Office 365, and the Sync, PowerShell and Graph interfaces
  • The relationship between AD Connect and Microsoft Identity Manager: similarities and differences
  • Prerequisites and preparation for AAD Connect installation, and enterprise considerations
  • Different ways of managing passwords
  • AAD Connect architecture and configuration, understanding and editing rules, and handling errors
  • Scheduling, statistics, basic troubleshooting, high availability
  • AD Connect health, and recovery scenarios
  • Managing AD Connect with PowerShell
  • Precedence, provisioning/deprovisioning, joining rules, and transformations
  • Windows 10 with Azure AD, and Configuration for SSO
  • Authentication scenarios: Password Sync and write-back, SSO with ADFS, Pass-Through Authentication (PTA): Seamless Single Sign-On (SSSO): advantages and disadvantages of each, troubleshooting, event logs, high availability, reliability, fall-back options, user experience etc.
  • Upgrading AAD Connect, importing and exporting, and documenting sync rules
  • Uninstall options, and what remains after uninstall, recovering AAD ownership of AD-owned objects
  • Issues around Azure AD preferred data location, and multiple AAD instances
  • Handling data quality issues: duplicate UPN, duplicate proxy addresses
  • Hybrid Exchange issues and limitations
  • Non-AD scenarios, cloud HR
  • Multi-Forest Issues and Configurations: adding new AD connector vs reinstall, joining, filtering


  • Module 1: Overview of AD, Azure AD and Azure AD Connect
  • Module 2: Concepts: identities, objects, attributes, and synchronization
  • Module 3: Relationship between Azure AD Connect and MIM
  • Module 4: Azure AD Connect scenarios
  • Module 5: Azure AD Connect architecture and custom installation
  • Module 6: Data flow: attributes and transformations
  • Module 7: Data flow: objects and orchestration
  • Module 8: Authentication options
  • Module 9: Maintenance and operations
  • Module 10: More scenarios and other considerations

Very good deep dive into AAD Connect.

Patrick E, System Admin, Netherlands
Attended Azure AD Connect Masterclass private training in the classroom, 2018

I thoroughly enjoyed the course. It’s given me more confidence to make the changes I need, and made me braver with Azure AD Connect.

One of the highlights was to see the owners of the company (Hugh and James) delivering the training, and the knowledge that they have! They know the product inside-out and their knowledge and experience comes across in the session.

These 3 days of training have deepened my understanding and I’m ready to make the changes I need to make.

My expectations have been surpassed! I would definitely recommend this Masterclass.

[See what else Pennie has to say in this short movie.]

Pennie C, Senior Infrastructure Specialist, UK
Attended Azure AD Connect Masterclass, 2018

A good overview from basic to in-depth of AAD Connect, authentication and synchronization rules. It covered a lot of areas – some good deep dive stuff in there. Very knowledgeable instructors. Highly recommended.

[See what else Ian has to say in this short movie.]

Ian B, Consultant, UK
Attended Azure AD Connect Masterclass, 2018

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