We run private MIM, Microsoft Entra ID, Microsoft Entra Connect & PAM training courses for organizations worldwide – and 97% of recent students would recommend them.

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Frequently asked questions about private training:

What are the benefits of private training?

There are many! Our private course customers frequently tell us how much they value being able to discuss issues specific to their organization with our instructors. We can tailor the course content to focus on what’s most important to you and arrange the course for a date convenient to you. Training your team together is particularly good for geographically dispersed teams – it’s excellent for team building. And if you have 5 or more team members to train, the cost per student is less than for a public course. See our guide prices.

Do you offer private training worldwide? Can your instructor come to us?

Yes. We can train IT teams anywhere in the world – either on-site or remotely via Teams.

Is it possible to have an on-site course with some of our staff attending via Teams?

Yes. Our instructors are highly skilled in running private training courses which include some students in the classroom and others attending live via Teams.

Mark Forbes Oxford Computer Training's Sales Manager
Mark Forbes

We’re not sure which course or courses will best meet our needs. Can you advise?

Our business development manager Mark Forbes is an expert in organizing private courses catering to the needs of organizations of all sizes. Let him know what you are trying to achieve, and he will be delighted to make recommendations. Email Mark today.

We have people at different skill levels. Can they be trained together?

In principle yes – but it depends on the levels. We wouldn’t recommend mixing beginners and IT pros with years of practice, but on a private course, our instructor can spend more time with those who are finding things a bit more challenging, while those more familiar with the subject can dig deeply into the lab exercises.

Can we have a custom course?

We are more than happy to structure a course to suit you, and to advise you on which parts of our standard courses need to be emphasized or de-emphasized depending on your specific environment and requirements.

We always do our best to reuse existing materials as far as possible but, if we have to develop new materials to meet your needs, we will give you a quote.

How many students do I need to make up a private course, and what will it cost?

Private courses can be run for IT teams of any size. We have run successful courses for as few as 2 students and as many as 15.

A group of 5 or more will work out cheaper per student than if the individuals attended a public course. However, smaller private classes, more narrowly focused on the specific needs of an organization, can often achieve more.

Please see our guide prices.

If we host a private course, what do we need to provide?

If you would like our instructor to come to you, all you need to provide is a comfortable, quiet room with a reliable internet connection and a projector. Ideally, it will be set out in boardroom style, with a whiteboard available. And each of your team will need to have access to a suitable PC or laptop.

We will provide everything else for a successful course – except lunch and refreshments!

Do you offer “chalk and talk” sessions?

Yes, we often run a “chalk and talk” session as an extra day at the end of a private course. This type of session does not rely on existing (or custom) content. The instructor will draw on their experience to provide an educational session that addresses your specific questions and implementation.

It is an opportunity for you to go into greater detail about topics of particular interest, to discuss any additional strategic or operational matters, and to talk about how what has been learned can be applied in your organization.

What do IT teams say about private training?

They say great things and repeatedly give us five-star feedback! Ayse, a Senior IT Officer, who took the Microsoft Entra Connect (formerly Azure AD Connect Masterclass) privately with his team in the US, said:

Very helpful, engaging presentation, deep knowledge, thank you. Learning live online was really effective, and it was good to have a private class for our organization to be able to ask specific questions to our environment.

Any further questions? Would you like a quote?

Contact us today. If you have any questions about what’s possible, call us on UK +44 (0)1865 521200, or USA +1 425-577-6542, or email us. Or fill in this form and we’ll get in touch with you.

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