A very busy year for private MIM and Azure AD training in the US and Europe

2019 was a bumper year for private MIM and Azure AD (now Microsoft Entra ID) training. We ran 21 courses for IT teams at organizations across Europe and the US. 97% of private course participants said they would recommend them to colleagues, and 94% rated the instructor as “excellent”.

In December 2019, we ran a MIM Foundation course for an IT team at a company in Scotland.

Tony, Senior Infrastructure Engineer, said:

The instructor was great and very enthusiastic on what is a new and difficult topic.

In November 2019, we ran a private Azure AD – Implementing Secure Cloud Hybrid Identity training course for a university in Texas, US

Jesus, Enterprise Database Specialist, said:

The course was awesome!

In October 2019, our instructor Paul returned to a university in England for the third time to teach our MIM Expert course. On previous visits, he taught our MIM Foundation and MIM Advanced courses.

Kyran, Server Infrastructure Officer, told us:

It was very helpful to work through labs with colleagues on this private training. Paul is a great teacher, really enthusiastic and knowledgeable about all things MIM! He’s happy to answer all questions and explain in detail not only why but also how to implement the solution.

In August 2019, we ran our Azure AD Connect Masterclass (now Microsoft Entra Connect) for a team of IT pros at a college in Canada, and our MIM Foundation training course for an IT team at a university in Scotland.

Joshua, Enterprise Architect Servers and Storage at the Canadian college, said:

The instructor was both very knowledgeable and personable. His ability to relay complex information is a critical reason why we are planning to have him back. Study and lab materials were amazingly detailed, concise and accurate. Great job. Thank you so much.

Derek, Application System Support Manager at the Scottish university, said:

Good course, good instructor – very helpful. Would be happy to be taught by him again

In June 2019, we ran private courses for two universities in the US – a MIM Foundation course in Arizona and a MIM Advanced course in Massachusetts.

Charles, Senior IAM Architect at the university in Massachusetts, said:

The instructor was extremely knowledgeable about MIM and how to approach its use in a real world deployment. He did a remarkable job of demonstrating multiple, serial steps necessary to implement integrated MA and portal policies at the rapid pace necessary to cover capabilities of the product

The private class enabled us to cover advanced topics, stay engaged, and it was possible to have side conversations and identify one or more approaches for solving the challenges and problems that we have observed in our organization’s MIM deployment.

Paul was very engaging and went out of his way to ensure our particular questions and concerns were addressed throughout the training. It was valuable to have admins, engineers, architects and managers doing this class together as private training for our organization.

May 2019 was a particularly busy month for private training, with courses in Switzerland, Germany and the UK! We ran our MIM Foundation course for an IT team from a pan-European organization in Switzerland. We ran our Azure AD Connect Masterclass for a company in Germany. We also ran a refresher ‘chalk and talk’ session on MIM for a team of IT pros in England, before launching into our MIM Advanced course.

David, Cloud Solution Engineer, who attended the MIM Foundation course in Switzerland, said:

The instructor had a great knowledge of MIM. The lab environment was excellent.

Nahuel, Principal Systems Engineer, who attended the Azure AD Connect Masterclass in Germany, said:

Killer instructor!! Cheers Paul!! It’s always really productive learning with colleagues on a private course because by knowing our business we can think of applicable scenarios that match the instructor’s explanation.

Darren, Senior Identity and Cloud Administrator, who attended the MIM Advanced course in England, said:

The MIM Advanced course is very informative and well presented. The course helped everyone understand MIM 2016 together which helped the team morale in supporting MIM in our IT environment.

Our instructors presented two private courses in the UK in April 2019. We ran our MIM Expert course at the UK office of an American company, plus a MIM refresher ‘chalk and talk’ session, followed by our Privileged Access Management training for a UK company.

Bill, Software Developer who attended the MIM Expert course live via Teams/Skype from his home in the US, said:

Training over the internet worked well, and allowed the flexibility of studying from home.

Gary, Senior Support Analyst who attended the Privileged Access Management course, said:

Excellent content given the broad subject matter, delivered with expertise and humour.

In February 2019, our instructor Paul taught a third private course for a university in Ireland, and a second private course for a university in the US Virgin Islands.

Mark, Systems and Network Administrator at the Irish university, who attended our Azure AD Connect Masterclass with colleagues, said:

Very informative course – a lot of material to cover in a short time but the instructor was very knowledgeable and was able to explain complex items very clearly.

Erik, Director of Network Operations at the university in the US Virgin Islands, who attended our Azure AD Connect Masterclass with his team, told us:

It was an excellent course as I had expected from previous experience. Paul is an excellent instructor, and we learned everything I expected and more.

Private training allowed us to compare our experience at our institution to the material in the course and understand how it applies to our specific needs. This is very important for us.

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