Microsoft Entra Connect: Beyond the Wizard Webinar – 30 questions answered by expert panel

Hundreds of people signed up for our webinar in March 2018 to learn what Microsoft Entra Connect (Azure AD Connect) can do beyond the wizard.

Wizard-based configurations enable you to do a lot with Microsoft Entra Connect “out-of-the-box”. But it can also handle more complex requirements and, once you scratch the surface, you’ll have lots of questions! Our webinar was designed to produce answers.

It was an excellent session, with one attendee imploring at the end:

No!  Please don’t finish!

During the webinar, our expert panel answered more than 30 of your questions.

Andreas Kjellman – Hugh Simpson-Wells – Jimmy Andersson – James Cowling
Andreas Kjellman – Hugh Simpson-Wells – Jimmy Andersson – James Cowling

Andreas Kjellman (formerly MIM & Azure AD Connect Program Manager at Microsoft), Jimmy Andersson (MVP Enterprise Mobility), and James Cowling (CTO, Oxford Computer Group) and I tackled more than 30 questions during the session – for example:

  • Do you recommend configuring Microsoft Entra Connect (AAD Connect) to auto-update, or should we perform updates manually? Also, should updates be done regularly or only as certain needed features are made available?
  • Can you run Password hash sync but still use ADFS?
  • We are considering moving from an unsupported (Non-MSFT) IDM solution to MIM for Identity and Access Management. Should we be looking at Microsoft Entra Connect (AAD Connect) instead?
  • Can Microsoft Entra Connect (AAD Connect) be used to provide Security Group Self Service via the Group Writeback, along the lines of the way SSPR works?
  • What are the options for Microsoft Entra Connect (Azure AD Connect) from a high-availability and redundancy perspective?
  • What is the best practice for backing up custom rules?

Watch the video below to get the answers, it is packed with useful information. Don’t just take my word for it, here are a few comments from attendees:

This is a very, very valuable conversation. I would love to hear more! Thanks very much.

I had the pleasure of attending one of Andreas Kjellman’s courses 2 months ago. I must say that this webinar was the same quality.

This webinar recording will be of immense value to anyone thinking of implementing Microsoft Entra Connect, or who has already done so in an “out-of-the-box” way. 

Note: Since the webinar was recorded, Microsoft has rebranded Azure AD Connect to Microsoft Entra Connect.  The learnings from the webinar are still relevant and useful.

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