Azure AD Connect quiz – Can you score better than the average of 49% and make it onto our scoreboard?

Which authentication methods can be used together? Which types of security groups are synchronized to Azure AD? If you have implemented Azure AD Connect, or know about it, test your knowledge with our quiz!

Test your knowledge in our quick 10-question, multiple choice Azure AD Connect quiz. How will you do? The average score is currently 49%. Can you beat this and make it onto our scoreboard?

The highest score so far is an impressive 95%! This was achieved by a senior IT consultant, shortly after he had taken our Azure AD Connect Masterclass. He was clearly paying attention!

Congratulations to the current Top 10 highest scorers…

95%Shaun, UK
94%Nick, UK
91%Jorge, Netherlands
85%Marcelo, Spain
80%Sachin, Australia
74%Jim, US
73%Navin, US
72%Torbjorn, Sweden
72%Kaushal, US
71%Juan-Carlos, Switzerland

How will you do? Will you make it onto the scoreboard? Try the Azure AD Connect quiz now!

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