John Craddock answers questions about his new Auth Protocols Troubleshooting Masterclass

We asked John Craddock about his new Implementing and Troubleshooting Authentication and Authorization Protocols Masterclass, which we are hosting in the UK and the US.

Who is the Troubleshooting Masterclass for?

“The Troubleshooting Masterclass is for experienced administrators with hands-on system administrator’s skills. It’s for those people who need to get their systems implemented and running smoothy.”

What will students learn?

“The Masterclass is about troubleshooting authentication protocols and it looks at all the challenging situations someone might face. It’s particularly focused on Azure AD, but you could consider it generic, as in ‘yes we’re using AD, were using on-premise AD’, but a lot of it is just generic about troubleshooting authentication.

We look at those “hard to fix” problems. If you’re moving into the Azure AD world, you might want to publish your on-premise applications through the Azuere AD application proxy. Now to do that, if it’s a Windows authentication application, we need to make sure Kerberos is working. But what happens if Kerberos is running between two forests? How do we deal with difficult SPN problems? How do we deal with domain suffix routing? We spend quite a lot of time delving into Kerberos, we spend time on Kerberos delegation, constrained delegation with protocol transitioning… So for those people who are implementing the systems, and need to get it all working as seamlessly and quickly as possible, we cover what they need to know.”

Why did you develop the Troubleshooting Masterclass?

“What I’ve found is that if you don’t know the protocols and you don’t understand the protocol flows, and you don’t know the right tools to use, you can spend days troubleshooting something! That’s frustrating as well as a waste of valuable time! Whereas actually, if you know what you’re doing, you can resolve it in minutes.

I’ve had people that have literally taken days and days to fix something. And I’ve tried to help them with particular protocol analysis tools. But they don’t use them and carry on trying to change particular configuration settings, etc. Whereas a trace will show you exactly what’s going on… and time to resolution: ten minutes. The Troubleshooting Masterclass is for them.”

How does the Troubleshooting Masterclass complement your Identity Masterclass?

“The Troubleshooting Masterclass is an excellent follow up to my Microsoft Identity Masterclass, but providing a student has the pre-requisite skills, it can be done independently.  As it’s important that students of the Identity Masterclass go back to their workplaces to apply what they have learned before doing the Troubleshooting Masterclass, the two Masterclasses should not be taken back to back.”

John Craddock’s new Troubleshooting Masterclass will is available as a private course. If you’d like a quote, contact us using this short form, or email us, or phone UK +44 (0)1865 521200, or USA +1 425-577-6542.  Training the team together is surprisingly cost effective!

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