What’s so good about our MIM Foundation training course?

Our industry-leading MIM (Microsoft Identity Manager) Foundation training course continues to get excellent reviews! Hear what students who attended the May 2018 course in Bothell, WA had to say about it in this short video.

John says the course was “awesome”, “awesome”, “awesome”

The class was awesome – I can’t wait to take the next course. It filled in a lot of gaps for me – and for my colleagues who are anxiously waiting for my return so we can start making some changes in the environment. It’s awesome – very informative.

Paul is great – very knowledgable, and he’s funny. Identity in general is very boring thing, but he made it very, very exciting. The class was awesome.

Me doing this course will help the business – we’ll be able to tie more systems into a single identity platform and make everyone’s life easier because we’ll have fewer passwords and usernames. It’ll help with reporting and security, and the fact we’ll have a central identity will make the business run a lot more efficiently.

I can’t wait to do the MIM Advanced class and the MIM Expert class!

Lyle says the course was “an eye-opening experience”

Very informative class – lots of good stuff. I’ve been working with MIM for about 10 years, and on the first day I wasn’t sure what I’d pick up but it’s been an eye-opening experience!

(The instructor) Paul is great. He takes a very dry technical subject and keeps it lively and keeps us all engaged. He’s very detailed in answering our questions.

This course is going to be a big help in my work. I’ve been troubleshooting and managing FIM, MIM, MIS from an operations standpoint – users having problems syncing from one environment to another – and my job was to figure out why. Now I’m going to be able to help some of our senior engineers when it comes time for deployment and configurations because now I know what’s happening underneath the covers.

Chris says it was “worth flying here to do it”

The course was very good. I was very pleased with what I’ve learned and the way the course was put together, and the hands-on labs work was very beneficial.

It was definitely worth flying here to do it.

Paul’s great! I’ve enjoyed his British accent! He was very knowledgeable and very helpful when we ran into any issues.

We currently only have one person that does MIM right now, so having done this course, I’ll be able to assist him with his work and give us, as a company, some more opportunities with other customers. There’s a lot of MIM work in the pipeline so I can be an asset to our company. The course is a good groundwork.

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MIM Foundation training: classroom, online and private courses

You can attend a live instructor-led class in person or via Skype from wherever you are, or take the course online self-paced anytime you like. If you have a number of people to train, then let’s arrange a private course and we’ll send our fabulous instructor to you! This option can be very cost effective, and there are many other benefits of training your team together too.